Маша Малиновская получила серьезную травму The presenter was forced to go to the doctor. While on tour, Masha Malinovskaya torn ligaments. Now celebrities will have to undergo treatment and to stay in bed. Subscribers worried for the health of pet.

      While in Odessa as a DJ Masha Malinovskaya tried to make a real feast to the guests. In addition to rousing music, the woman has pleased fans and dances in their own performance. However, careless movement has led to tragic consequences – the blonde had to go to the traumatologist.

      In Instagram the media personality posted a picture from the couch in medical Cabinet. The star shared with fans details of the incident and doctor’s recommendations.

      “I went with that mood here in this fabulous place! Well, Shaw? Work just wear. Not sparing the stomach. So danced at the console that torn ligaments. The result: a cast and three weeks in pastel mode,” wrote the Director.

      Despite the pain and inconvenience, she will way back home. Several hours after the incident she was already boarding the plane. Right from the waiting room beauty posted a video for fans and friends.

      “Good afternoon, everybody. Well, guys. Everything is cool, I’m at the airport of Odessa. I have a long way to: Odessa-Minsk-Moscow. A sore leg. But I am a strong woman, but we do not lose heart. Were very pleased to see you all,” – said TV presenter.

      Followers were upset with bad news about the health of stars. Netizens wished her to get well soon, and advised to be more careful on the following statements and follow the advice of your doctor. “Manung, take care of yourself. God be with you”, “Oh, I have the same thing, only the fracture at home… three weeks… a nightmare”, “get Well soon”, “take Care of yourself”, “Bad sign that ligaments are torn… Eat, please… You’re so fine…” – said in a microblog subscribers.

      Many already know that the Director is struggling to provide a comfortable life to his son Myron. Masha admitted that the boy’s father does not pay child support and is not interested in his needs. That is why the woman has to work a lot and tour. Some fans were surprised by news about the musical beginnings of idol, but more recently the blonde was going to focus on a new hobby – design of clothes.