«Киргизская принцесса» впервые стала мамой The daughter of the President of Kyrgyzstan gave birth to a son in one of the state clinics. Shagieva Aliya gave her husband Constantine heir. Friends and relatives hasten to congratulate the happy couple with the birth of their first child.

      In early March, the daughter of the President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev Aliya Shagieva talked about the fact that she was pregnant. It turned out that she is in ninth month of pregnancy and from day to day will give your spouse Konstantin kid. As reported, on March 20 Aliya for the first time became a mother. The heiress of the head of state gave birth to a son in the capital of Kyrgyzstan Bishkek.

      Before birth Shagieva was constantly in touch with your subscribers. She shared thoughts and told what changes are happening in her life. However, almost a week Aliya says nothing about your status in social networks.


      Previously she quite often shared thoughts about his future child. The daughter of the President very responsibly approached the question of heirs. Shagieva said that as a child she received no response, why live in the world. She remembered that in adolescence she was difficult to perceive its existence. However, now aliyah had enough time to think about what to answer own son such a question.

      “In General, it’s very scary when a child does not get information about why he was here. For many (I would say for most) the child is a social tool, standard pattern, something like “to finish school, and then College, and then go to work.” In General, I’m sure before to create a new life, first of all you need to decide why you have your and what you can tell about this child. It sounds so obvious, but in order to clarify this point, I passed a lot of circles of Hell, held a Grand archaeological project “See yourself inside” and now I think ready to meet with you, our baby. People,” – wrote the President’s daughter.

      After the announcement of the birth of aliyah friends and relatives hastened to send to the newly minted mom nice wishes. “Congratulations on the addition to the family. I wish you health and happiness”, “Let your son grow hero”, “Congratulations mommy!” – wrote followers in the social network.

      As reports the edition Sputnik, Shagieva and newborn baby are both doing well and preparing for discharge from hospital.