Бывшая жена Никиты Ефремова впервые рассказала о разводе
Yana Gladkikh has shared his memories of the marriage and the breakup with the actor.

Nikita Efremov and Jan Smooth

Photo: Maxim Lee

26-year-old actress Yana Gladkikh, who played in the TV series “the City” on the First channel, two years after
divorce has shared his memories of the marriage with Nikita Efremov.

The actors were together for six years, including one year in marriage.
Wedding played in Georgia, where he lives a spiritual guide Jana. Unfortunately,
family life not passed the test of strength, and in 2015, young people
parted. Speaking about the reasons for the divorce, the actress has come to the conclusion that I played
his business inexperience and headstrong nature of both.

“Of course, now I feel more wise, — Yana speaks. We
Nikita too impulsive, hot, that did not agree to some
the time…And now I know where and when it was made a certain error,
as the cost to respond in a given situation…But this realization came
only now, after a while. Although it should be.

I came to the conclusion that it is always clearly and immediately need to say that you
don’t like or are concerned in the relationship — the man next door don’t have to read your
thoughts! Though we women think that I do! In fact, the silence
disastrous. Before me is very well characterized by the phrase: “the Less you know
more wind”. You can’t save all of his in itself — then
inevitably it will be a blast!

Lately, the young actress came to another important conclusion.

“A man should not criticize his woman — continues
Smooth. — Don’t like what your girlfriend wears tight clothes? So just
give her a proper dress! Just tell me that will be much
better if she tries something else! To be honest, I have a long time ago
was the story when the man tried to do me some comments on
my appearance, but I remember it with a smile. Now it is simply
impossible: no one will dictate to me how I should be dressed and how best
to style your hair. I only listen to yourself. And next to Nikita I always
feel loved and beautiful. All the years with him I’ve been in love and
definitely no regrets, although divorce has not been easy”.

Despite the breakup, according to Jana, they with the former spouse continues
to communicate, though rarely. And soon must get out 8-serial movie Oksana
Karas “the Student”, where the former couple played together.