Jessica Alba officially announced her pregnancy

Джессика Альба официально объявила о своей беременности
The actress waits for the third child.


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Джессика Альба официально объявила о своей беременности

@cash_warren and I are officially going to be outnumbered #babyonboard #herewegoagain ????#blessed?

Jessica Alba shared with fans
a touching photo in which the actress standing beside her daughters, holds
hand on the already noticeably rounded stomach. But in the hands of the actress — a balloon in the form of the number “three”. “Cash Warren, and I officially
affirm that the composition of our family will be replenished in the near future. I’m waiting for
third child. We’ll do it again!” — signed under the 36-year-old Jessica.

Recall that in addition to not yet born
Chad, the family of the actress and her husband Cache Warren’s older two daughters
9-year-old honor and year old haven of 6.5. A novel Cache began Jessica still
in 2004, after they met on the set of the film “Fantastic four”.
And offer Warren gave her in December 2007, when Alba was already waiting for honor.
Moreover, although they have been together for 13 years, Warren and Alba are considered to be in Hollywood one
of the most perfect couples. In all that time none of the spouses did not suspect
not that in the betrayal, and even flirting.

Cache and Jessica together raising daughters, getting
from this, they claim, with what incomparable pleasure. “Being a mom is
it’s wonderful. I just love it. My girls — they are funny, cheerful and
curious. Of course, sometimes they are “mischievous”, especially when tired or
hungry. And sometimes I can fight… But they bring me so much joy, give
hope and optimism!” says Jessica.

Incidentally, according to the actress, though
after having children, Jessica gained a bit of weight, she, in effect, learned
treat yourself much better. “I gained respect for my body now
accept him without criticism the way it is!” says Alba.