SENSATION! Duchess Catherine is preparing for the birth of the third child

СЕНСАЦИЯ! Герцогиня Кэтрин готовится к рождению третьего ребенка
The wife of Prince William was told about the grandiose plans for the future.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with children


During his official visit to Poland
this week, the Duchess
Catherine and Prince William surprised
hospitable hosts. Prince — the fact that I mastered the phrase in Polish. And Katherine is a statement about his plans for
expansion of the family.

William and his wife arrived in Poland in
part of his European tour. But anyone interested in the lives of the British
the Royal family is much more interested in not what
occurred at official events
in which Katherine once again shone with their outfits, but much less formal
the party, which was arranged in honor of Prince and his wife the British Embassy.

During the festival, arranged by the Embassy in
The orangery in the picturesque Warsaw’s Lazienki Park, Katherine and the Prince is very relaxed
talked with the guests. William was pleasantly surprised by the audience, failing all
same (though not the first attempt) to say in Polish: “Good evening, I hope we all have a good today
night!” A 35-year-old Duchess Catherine, which presented a surprise gift, responded to
it is totally unpredictable ways.

The fact that Kate gave some reason not
quite appropriate gift toy suitable for newborns. But the Duchess
not confused. After a moment of confusion the Duchess smiled radiantly
and said, “Thank you, it’s the way, William and I just want
to have more children!” Because Kathryn never talked about
the possible appearance in their family a third child, her statement made
strong impression. However, the response was mixed. Someone took her
words for an innocent joke, I others decided that this is a serious “Declaration
of intent”.

In fact, the probability that Kathryn is not
kidding large enough. After all, the Duchess, and her husband repeatedly said:
they love their children and despite all the difficulties, they never repent that had a couple. And as George and Charlotte have grown up — the young Prince on
it is four days, and his
sister — two, their parents could think about
the expansion of its family…