The former “star factory” participant Sasha Holiday: “Insomnia son had an impact on my health”

Экс-фабрикантка Sasha Holiday: «Бессонница сына сказалась на моем здоровье» Recently, the actress became a mother for the second time. Singer Sasha Holiday take into account the errors in the upbringing of children and is now trying to do everything not to repeat the sad experience. A graduate of the popular project tries to find a balance between caring for your family and favorite work.
Экс-фабрикантка Sasha Holiday: «Бессонница сына сказалась на моем здоровье»

In mid-October, the finalist of the sixth season of the popular program “star Factory” Alexander Gurkova, known under the pseudonym Sasha Holiday, became a mother for the second time. She gave her husband Valery daughter Marusya.

The couple also has a son Vanya. The actress admits that it was difficult to explain to the boy that soon he will have a brother or a sister. Alexander tried to do everything to gradually become accustomed to the idea that he would become the oldest child in the family.

“Vanya was jealous during pregnancy, and I was worried, what kind of life awaits him after birth sisters. For starters, he’s all upset that I will have a sister, he really wanted a brother. At some point he began to snap, as a small cub. It was visible that he strongly worries. So we Valera decided to redeem him in our love. I’m pregnant, went to rest only with him together, then he drove off with my dad at the rally, which had long dreamed of. On arrival we redid his room, put his new furniture, his favorite color, went to the movies, cafes, and, of course, explained that we will love just as much that nothing changes”, – said the singer “StarHit”.

Alexander was very surprised that with the first meeting with little sister Vanya began to treat her with incredible tenderness. According to the artist, and now my son loves Mary – kissing, hugging and constantly plays with her.

The graduate of “factory of stars” took into account the mistakes committed after the birth of their first child. From my own experience, the artist realized that it is not necessary excessively to take care of children and try to do everything to be the perfect mom. Now she pays attention exclusively on whether the child is happy and not trying to meet imposed standards.

“To spend time cooking healthy food – it is important to read the book on parenting is also important. But to try to coach the kid, so he started to read or speak English not so important. Sometimes moms go mad what other people will think about their children, trying to meet the standards invented,” – says the artist.

Alexander remembered that she was uneasy when first child was born – she was literally exhausted. Now the singer understands that moms need to find time to be alone with his thoughts.

The former “star factory” participant Sasha Holiday: “there was a time when I was left alone, pregnant and without money”

“Son, I was sitting around the clock, he was restless, practically no sleep, and it’s very sad impact on my health, I don’t even want to remember. We Valera was just exhausted together, although seemingly young, full of strength, one child. But sometimes in fact it is much harder than it seems,” said the artist.

Now Gurkov tries to find a balance between taking care of children, work and personal interests. She recently presented a new album called Baby. Alexander admits that he worked on the record for five years, but because pregnancy and birth were not a barrier to the implementation of the plans. The husband of the actress, son of Viktor Drobysh Valery, did not dissuade her from the idea.

“My husband says only: “I don’t care what you do, if only you were happy.” An unhappy woman is hell in the family. The husband is a very intelligent man, he understands the important things,” – said Alexander.

The actress understands that she needs to look good, but sometimes sacrifices beauty treatments. “I’m not gonna lie, at this stage of life can and cream to forget to apply. But 20 minutes for prayer and meditation is a must! Alone I need, like air. To me appearance is important – manicure, neat head and clean the skin, but more importantly, internal psychological state,” said gorkova.