Yulianna Karaulova mad at the groom’s offer of marriage

Юлианна Караулова разозлилась на жениха из-за предложения руки и сердца The singer told about the affair with the sound producer Andrey Cherny. Sweethearts together for four years, however, Yulianna Karaulova not hurry with the wedding. The artist didn’t like how the groom proposed to her hands and hearts.

Yulianna Karaulova and producer Andrew Black has been together for about four years. Beloved long time friends, then mutual sympathy turned into strong feelings.

The singer has repeatedly said that she has a lot of work and time for the wedding is simply not enough, despite the fact that Andrew made an offer to the Julianna almost a year ago. The artist does not hurry with the ceremony.

“In December of 2016 Andrew called me to get married during the recording of the Christmas light channel TVC on the rink. I even got a little angry, after all, around 150 people crowd!” – said Karaulova.

According to the singer, she has always believed that the proposal needs to be done in a more intimate setting, without prying eyes. Karaulov said that Andrew helped her friend. “This shooting was organized by my friend, and Andrew was able to prepare in advance. And I was told that some guy will do the girl the proposal, but could not think that I am!” – said Julianna.

“Andrew understands, after all we work together, and this is rather a plus than a minus. He is aware of the specifics of my work I need is somewhere to stay to night. And he there is no question that there would be men from another sphere, to which he had all the time to justify and explain. Of course, we have some conflicts over music, but it’s working points,” said the singer.

Julianna told in interview to the edition “Wday”, it has no plans to leave the unborn child to grandparents or nannies, the artist herself wants to educate their child. “There are different life circumstances, many mothers are forced to earn and even to feed the family, and they just can’t be around kids. So I will not make. Of course, I would like some time off work and to enjoy the moment. But not right now,” said the singer.