Бывшая «Перчинка» готова объявить о банкротстве
Mel b has spent a fortune on handbags and jewelry.

Fans of Mel b, one of
participating in the once mega popular group the Spice Girls affected
unexpected news. Became known,
that Melanie practically ruined — in her Bank account left a total of 961 pounds. And
for once, as Mel b was estimated at 38 million pounds, This information
appeared on the dailymail website.co.uk

This story became
transparency in the divorce process, Melanie with her husband number two — Stephen
Belafonte. He claimed with Mel respectable married child support plus payment
litigation costs in the process. And then it turned out that to take with ex-wife, he practically nothing.

As it turned out, those 10 years that
the former Spice girl lived with Stephen , who became the father of her third child, daughter Madison, the couple led the way
life, which to them was beyond their means. As it turned out, the pair mindlessly
spent so much that every time at the end of the year with great difficulty “scrape”
the necessary amount to pay the taxes. One of the most absurd “wide”
gestures was the island, which Mel bought as a gift to her husband on the day
birth, and for which she paid a million pounds. But there were other clearly
the excess expenditure. For example, the collection of cars Melanie is evaluated
also more than a million pounds. It includes two armored
machine constructed especially for her order with one Cadillac and one Range
Rover, with a total value of 300 thousand. Impressive was
and the collection of purses Hermes Birkin – for half a million pounds. And that’s not counting such
“little things” like the many bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry,
purchased Melanie…

Most surprising in this
the history of how Belafonte actually had the nerve to demand something from Mel b.
She filed for divorce after he beat her. As it turned out later, he
did this systematically, and it wouldn’t leave him just for the sake of their common
daughter adoring father…