ВИДЕО: Константин Хабенский с сыном на церемонии в Сочи
Exclusive: the full version of the opening of the festival-gathering of “Feathering”.

Ten intense days spent in Sochi, Konstantin Khabensky,
his son and members of the creative development studios from 11 cities of Russia. For the first time
the festival is a gathering of “Feathering” took place on the black sea coast, and nine-year-old Ivan Khabensky
he made his debut as master of ceremonies.

“Our festival is not only about screenings, assessment and
awards. It aims to develop in children love, feelings, imagination,
thinking, the ability to explain your thoughts clearly, loudly and boldly,” says artistic
head of creative development studios “Feathering” Konstantin Khabensky.

Keira Knightley at the festival-forum

Photo: courtesy of the press service

Achievements of students at a General meeting of teachers willing to take for
further creative development. Thus was born the idea of the play about Mowgli
global music project held in five cities. And even
the logo and name of the festival, and then the entire Studio movement – “Plumage”
– originated from the idea of an animated sketch of one of the Schoolgirls Yekaterinburg.
Tell that she was shocked to learn that her idea was the starting
point for something bigger. A symbolic continuation of the bright stories about
the plumage was reflected in the prizes of the festival – “Ugly ducklings”, which
known to grow into beautiful swans.