Анна Седокова рассказала о своем сексуальном увлечении
The singer presented a new video.

Anna Sedokova

Anna Sedokova presents a very sexy video on
the song “Passion”. After a deep and very personal work
“The universe” and “First Love”, the singer sets a new benchmark. Just
two months after the birth of her third child, Anne appears in a new clip
in incredible shape, proving that a woman is blooming and looks more
sexy after becoming a mother.

“Passion shows and proves that with the birth of a child
the woman flourishes. She becomes even sexier and more desirable, she
open new facets, and forms become more and more appetizing
attractive. Do not have to be thin — it’s all unnecessary and horrible
the stereotypes imposed on us by the industry! We need to be ourselves and to abandon
his nature is to betray yourself. I’ve missed your body I’ve missed you
the feeling of being beautiful and desirable. I support the millions of moms
the decree , which want to be desired. Being a mom means to be loved! I
proud title of “sex symbol” and no matter how many I have
children, I’m the best mum in the world, but never cease to be
a woman,” says Anna Sedokova.

For a new clip of the actress was made an unusual
scenery. Was poured about 10 liters of water, while “Cuba” was
frozen about two hundred bottles of champagne. The humidity at the set
was on the limit. “So wet between us”, — quotes the artist almost
an accurate description of what is happening.

From the more explicit scenes men on the set and
completely lost the head. Testosterone in the day just overwhelmed shooting
site. So hot clip career of Anna Sedokova was not.