Бывший «Спартанец» Джерард Батлер показал располневшую фигуру на пляже
47-year-old actor is clearly losing shape.

Gerard Butler apparently left in
past memories of his “blocks” on the abdominal press, which once with such
the pride showed. The actor, who became famous after he played
a brave warrior in “300”, got a noticeable belly. This information
appeared on the website justjared.com.

Photographers caught once slender Gerard on the beach in Tulum(Mexico), where he came to relax with his girlfriend
designer specializing in
interiors — Morgan brown. And if the girl looked almost
spotless, clad in swimming trunks
Butler disappointed his fans.

Among other things, joint recreation 47-year-old Gerard and
Morgan became another confirmation of the fact that the couple are back together. The fact is,
that Butler and brown, who began Dating in 2014, in November last year
unexpectedly broke up. Moreover, brown has managed to start Dating
another actor — Levom Schreiber, the former civil husband of Naomi watts. But
their relationship did not work out… And all through the six months after the breakup,
Gerard and Morgan were reunited again. For the first time after this they saw
along in March, when they were peacefully absorbed lunch at vegetarian restaurant Crossroads,
both lavished smiles and looked very happy…