Бывшая «Перчинка» снова стала мамой
Jerry named his son in honor of my best friend.

Бывшая «Перчинка» снова стала мамой



As it became known, Jerry Horner (nee Halliwell),
the former soloist Spice
yesterday gave birth to her second child from
your spouse Christian wedding with whom she played in 2015. this was announced by the newspaper The Mirror.

“Me and Christian are happy to announce the birth of our son!” — posted by Jerry on his page in the social network. She also said that
the boy was born strong and healthy and weighed at birth 3 kilos 400
grams. Horner also told what name she decided to give her baby.

Jerry named his son George Montague Hector. And
she said that second name of the boy was in honour of her friend, singer George Michael, who died just
less than a month ago. “Michael was my best friend. Perhaps the only
a true friend among celebrities, not counting my girlfriends Spice Girls. It was almost like a brother and always
supported me in difficult times. I wanted to introduce him to my son when
the kid grows up, dreamed that Michael will play an important role in the life of my
son…” admitted Jerry.

Photo: @therealgerihalliwell Instagram Halliwell

Pregnant singer became known in October last year. “We are Christian and we are happy to announce that I expect replenishment in the family!” — said Jerry. Little Montagu was the first joint child singer and her husband. However, for and Jerry, and Christian already have children from previous partners. Jerry — mother 10-year-old Bluebell Madonna from her affair with writer Sasha Gervasi. As for Horner, he has a daughter Olivia — from an ex-girlfriend Beverly Allen. By the way, for Jerry he once broke up with Beverly, which actually was his civil wife for the last 14 years. When he left Allen, little Olivia was only 9 months.