Мария Кожевникова рассказала о серьезном диагнозе сыновей The celebrity said that he had cancelled all scheduled events for the near future and decided not to get out of the house. As it turned out, the heirs of the stars fell ill, and she was forced to engage in their treatment. The woman also admitted that she felt unwell, so had to call a medical professional.

      Maria Kozhevnikova arranged family vacation on one of the Islands of Thailand. The woman was actively published vivid pictures and shared with subscribers the most interesting moments of the holiday. However, shortly before departure to Moscow Maria has told fans that her two year old son Maxim was very sick. After this three-year-old Ivan also felt unwell. The actress complained that I took on vacation is absolutely all medicines, also, which we need at that moment. To go to the doctors abroad Kozhevnikova did not, because the proposed formulations contain undesirable for the child’s body antibiotics.

      Fans concerned about the health of Mary Kozhevnikova

      As soon as the actress returned to the Russian capital, she called the doctor. Specialist one of medical institutions of Moscow came to a celebrity home. After inspection it turned out that the woman and her children disturbed intestinal microflora of the body. Maria started to tell the doctor what about any dysbiosis can not be considered, because it is not airborne and does not cause a high temperature.

      “In Russia raging flu, H3N2, and despite the fact that I canceled almost all events, we still picked up on it. Temperature in children is a long held and a fever we just didn’t help. We went to the pediatrician and began to assure us that this is definitely not influenza, not SARS, and goiter. We lost two days, of course, passing the tests, my belief is that we have the flu, confirmed. Thank you friends and good doctors,” – said Kozhevnikov in Instagram.

      Maria told me that coming to her home, the pediatrician failed to conduct a thorough inspection of the children, quickly came to the conclusion that boys dysbiosis. Kozhevnikova to last was convinced that it is not. She stated that her small knowledge of medicine gave her the right to assume that the diagnosis is wrong. The artist chose not to Express all the thoughts that she had after this meeting with the specialist.

      Maria did not hide from followers of his indignation. She noted that he gave for the visit peitra a decent amount of money. But, apparently, this was a complete waste, because the primary diagnosis was not confirmed. Kozhevnikova gave advice to parents as seldom as possible to appear now in public places with children, because they can easily get sick after unwanted contact with others.

      “If you have the opportunity to take care of their children, do not go there where a lot of people, flu is very heavy, as they say, even the enemy would not wish! Be healthy!” – gave farewell Maria in the microblog.