Настя Ивлеева призналась, как зарабатывала на жизнь в ночных клубах She decided to tell subscribers how was her life before she became a popular video blogger. According to star’s Instagram, she long time could not understand what he wanted to do. For several years she used to work in entertainment venues of the Northern capital.

      Nastya Ivleva not often shared with the followers their own feelings and thoughts. Most followers of the celebrities used to watch her funny videos, leaving thousands of comments. They believe that she behaves the most relaxed, trying to show in his works how we need to be able to laugh at yourself. However, until the arrival of fame Ivlieva faced with serious difficulties.

      Arseny Borodin and Nastya Ivleva: “we Have to fight for work”

      Nastya said that he tried himself in several fields. As a student at one of the universities of St. Petersburg, she realized that she was absolutely not interested in their chosen specialty. So Ivlieva chose to skip classes in high school and have parties with friends. When she was 21, went to work in a night club. For five years she performed the duties of hostess, welcoming the guests. According to the girl, meeting lots of different people attracted to it, because some of them onazhdy was able to help her.

      “At first, I was blissed out. It’s easy money and some kind of significance among the rich and affluent. That moment when you decide who will sit at a cool table, and who is not! I’ve met very serious people. And this availability of money, relationships, alcohol and stay up late at night to relax me,” she admitted on Instagram.

      At some point Ulevoi tired of this lifestyle. She realized that she fails to improve and strive for something greater. Star remembered that she had no desire to meet a powerful man and then marry him. Therefore, the celebrity has repeatedly fired from one location and moved. As it turned out, it was completely pointless.

      Nastya has decided to try himself in something else and got a job working in the office. But interest in such activities quickly tired of the Youtube star. It seemed unbearable to survive in a simple graph for a small salary. Therefore, it is often thought that the nightlife in which I had to appear only twice a week, can give her much more.

      “The office for me – a cell, hell, test and schedule the most miserable on the planet. I tried to live an office life with a salary of 25 thousand per month. Chart three weeks later started me wildly angry, but money is terribly not enough! As if there is nothing wrong, but only when the work kicks in. And then, it was stupid for the dough,” – said the new.

      Ivlieva even worked as a master pedicure and manicure in the beauty salon. The first time, according to celebrity, it is carried away and left alone thoughts about club life. But gradually the girl came to realize that this work has no prospects. It should be noted that, in the end, She still continued to work in some night clubs on the weekends.

      “The schedule is exhausting. More and more started to feel that so long can not continue! But the most difficult is to understand what you want to be! Where to go, where to look for it all and where you all to go! Because my profession is not interesting to me at the office to work are unable, manicure me too much not attracted to, but in clubs I only spend their health and years”, – shared his thoughts celebrity.

      Once Ivlieva realized that she is a creative person and she doesn’t want to ruin in itself has the potential, she decided to act and develop in this direction. Nastya moved to Moscow, where he began to actively build a career. She admitted that she received offers to participate in different projects before, but she refused all because of insecurity.

      “I did go through different social networks in search of interesting auditions, but almost never came as very shy. It’s true! I was an ardent fan of the low self-esteem,” said Nastya Ivleva.