Дети Ляйсан Утяшевой и Павла Воли снялись в фильме о море The star couple does not publish photos of their heirs. Subscribers celebrities repeatedly asked celebrities to share rare family shots. And here the lovers are placed on their pages in social networks a brief video clip of rest, on which there are the son and daughter of Will and Utyasheva.

Pavel Volya and Laysan utiasheva are one of those people who sees no need to share details of his personal life. It seems strange, when the stars of domestic show business expose family secrets and photographing their own children at every opportunity. That’s why the couple isn’t posting pictures with a-year-old Robert and Sophia, believing that the children are in neosoznanna age and may not even be aware how it is appropriate from parents.

Laysan utiasheva panics over children’s health

However, a great family vacation in the Dominican Republic changed the attitude of love to the social networks. Utiasheva and Will not afraid to capture the kids in the video and give subscribers the chance to see their heirs. In the short video, mother and son running on the beach at the popular among Russian tourists resort Dominican Republic Punta Cana. In the subsequent fragments, it is clear that dad is playing with Robert, splashing in the sea. At this time Rosie sunbathes in the shade under the palm trees. She managed to capture in the frame of the heiress who frolicked sitting on the sand.

A highlight video from vacation in a warm country utiasheva has a spouse accompanied by the song “the Sea”, which, apparently, could not be better conveyed the atmosphere. We have to admit that the couple purposefully did not shoot the kids close up, as the wife didn’t want to draw attention to them. Video subscribers saw the son and daughter of celebrities only from the back.

Fans of Will and Utyasheva no secret that long waited for the moment when celebrity finally share some pictures or videos that include their children. The followers are unable to discern the appearance of the heirs, so it is hard to tell who the kids look more like. They liked that Sophia and Robert are having a great time with my parents.

“Cool, nice and everything in the subject, a good stay! And great that the children in the frame”, “Rosie, you’re a very nice woman, and Paul has always fascinated me. You are just a wonderful couple. And the kids you just fine”, “God bless you, you are beautiful and wonderful family! Saw your children, happiness!”, “What an incredible positive from you! You were surrounded by such a solar energy, the beauty of it,” enthusiastically wrote a followers in the Network.

By the way, Rosie has admitted that he would not put pictures of children under a certain age. It seems, that the Internet and without a lot of negativity, which certainly could affect the heirs. “As soon as Robert and Sophia reach adulthood, or at least 12 years and willing to put in the accounts in social networks all the baby pictures with mom and dad, of course, they will be able to do it. The only thing at the moment, we are trying to lobby for our children, shielding them from too much attention. We don’t yet understand how they want this attention. They decide in the future,” said utiasheva. Laysan utiasheva about marriage: “we should Not hold grudges on each other”