Tattoo naked Yulia Volkova caused controversy about decency

Татуировки раздетой Юлии Волковой вызвали споры о приличии The artist has arranged a vacation in a warm country. Together with friends she flew from Russia to, like many other stars, to relax and to gear up for this year. The young woman published a picture, which provoked a strong reaction among subscribers. They noted that Volkov is in great shape.

      Julia Volkova basking on the beaches on the coast. The actress is not shy of its forms and actively demonstrates them with his fans. She posted on the social network page a few photos of Poo to appreciate her fans. They were in awe of the figures of a celebrity. They think that a woman spends a lot of time in the gym, as the mother of two children she has a perfectly flat stomach.

      Most followers of Julia wrote nice words, noting that not all stars look so harmonious in a bikini. However, Volkova, according to the commentators, do not be afraid of harsh criticism or condemnation of your external data. The girls asked the actress how she manages to constantly keep in shape. Fans asked the woman, she told them about their training and shared the secrets of proper nutrition.

      “Julia, you are amazing!”, “Beautiful, comfortable”, “So pretty”, “Gorgeous! Very good perspective, Slender, beauty”, “Beauty, elegance, impeccable proportions. Amazing grace! Good for the absolutely lovely Julia” – enthusiastically wrote the subscribers Volkova on Instagram.

      Netizens noted that Julia is more likely to spread such pictures. They believe that such beauty should not be hidden behind the modest outfits, but rather to demonstrate to the public. So, according to commentators, she can inspire many other girls to follow you and always be in good shape. The followers noted that Volkov can try on a swimsuit of any color and style, because these forms she has nothing to worry about.

      There were those who wanted to know what the tattoo means celebrity. On the woman’s body crammed several monograms, the largest of which surrounds the left side of the abdomen. Someone with conviction take the labels, believing that they did not paint Volkov. The most attentive followers found out that trunks from a swimsuit to hide another drawing done in an intimate place. The part of Internet users said that the tattoos of Julia, in harmony with her stage image, which the singer created during his work in group t.A.T.u.

      “We have the same tattoo!”, “Me too, want to fill this. Where to do this?” “Oh, there’s still some Peeps chatuchack”, “you Have such interesting patterns on the body,” said followers in the Network.