Бывшая солистка группировки «Ленинград» пожаловалась на продюсера
The singer told about grief specialist.

Alisa VOX

Photo: @Instagram alisavox Alice VOX

Alisa VOX told me about how her bugged “pseudo-producers”. The actress admits that since she started out her singing career she has to deal with pseudo-professionals who give her unsolicited advice. Aspiring composers, posing as professionals with experience, regularly call VOX in order to agree on cooperation. Singer surprised by the arrogance of these people.

“Where did the boys so much arrogance? They determined that they the producers? Who or what they produced? Why are they so sure that the secret to world domination lies precisely in THEIR contemptible copletion under three chords on samoigrayke? Why do incompetent people with a complete lack of taste and basic musical literacy is such a strong and unshakeable ego and outer self-esteem? And the main question: if they are so brilliant, then why still live with their mothers in their 45? PS I, of course, far from the above subjects, but still, I continue to try himself as a composer and producer!” — shared Works.

Soon Alice will take place a premiere of the song, which the singer took a lot of time and effort. “Work song “Nadruki” is over, she is now in the final stages of processing…” — said Alice. A little earlier VOX presented his first solo album.

Recall that in March 2016, the VOX left the group “Leningrad” and started a solo career. Then the reason for leaving was the desire of the singer to build a solo career. The frontman of the group — Sergey Shnurov, to the word, then rather harshly commented on the departure of a girl from the team. “I have promised nothing. On a whim, make average singers quite a stars. Think of the way the material promote. Decide how to present to their loved. Well, not quite their way, of course. The efforts of our team we create a character of myth out of nothing. That’s our job. And because of the fact that we’re doing their job there are complaints and dissatisfaction. Viewers like the way we’ve made and really do not want to end. But it is inevitable. Invented by me and made by a team of Heroines of myth pretty quickly and naively begin themselves to believe in their divine nature. And Goddesses we do not know. We’re the pots fired,” said Cords.