Андрей Чуев угрожает свести счеты с жизнью из-за Марины Африкантовой The man was offended that his beloved disobeyed. Andrey Chuev and Marina Afrikantov gathered together to leave the project “Dom-2”. But at the last moment the girl changed her mind.

      Fans of the popular project “Dom-2” was upset to learn that one of the most popular participants Andrey Chuev has decided to leave the famous telestroke. The man admitted that wanted to build a relationship with the girl of his choice Marina Africanoboi the perimeter and not under the eye of numerous cameras. Despite the fact that the couple is preparing to go down the aisle and to formalize their Union, Chuev does not feel this unity with Africanoboi. Despite the fact that Marina and Andrew have agreed together to leave the telestroke, the girl changed her mind at the last moment. According to the frustrated men, the participant continued to live at the site of “House-2”. Chuev has published a short excerpt of the video recording, which decided not to hide from fans of his turmoil. Andrew admitted that they were surprised by such act of his girlfriend. He jokingly said that he wants to forget and even ready to commit suicide.

      “Friends! It’s something with something! Today we left the project, and I dreamed that we would have a wedding! And Marina was left on the project! And this is no joke,” – said in a microblog Chuev.

      Apparently, the behavior of Afrikantova Chueva so touched that he even changed the description of my profile in the social network, to demonstrate how he is hurting from everything that’s happened. “The man who knows how to act when you betray the one for which he was ready to give life” – so wrote the man.

      Fans were shocked by the act of the Marina. They didn’t understand how she was able to treat his beloved. However, some felt that maybe this breakup will provide an opportunity to understand Africanoboi that Chuev is her support and protection. Fans have suggested that Andrew should not be upset because of a simple whim of the participant “House-2”. “Andrew! I want to support you, don’t despair, you’ll be fine! You’re a straight, open person. Good luck to you all!”, “Andrew! Heal wounds, then left hand up and down with the words “fuck you ….” Trust me, you’re not going to be on! The main woman in your life is your daughter!”, “Well, judging by the reactions of the Marina, maybe she just doesn’t know what is what? Plus-minus six days leave. Don’t worry,” he supported the followers.

      Andrey Chuev, “While the haters are sitting on the Internet, we are a Marina in the Seychelles”

      Together with Andrey Chuyev, the project has left Gosias Alexander and Konstantin Ivanov. They thanked the reality show “Dom-2” and went to comfort Chueva, who are left without support Africanoboi.