Singer Natalie turned to the unborn baby

Певица Натали обратилась к будущему ребенку The actress wrote a letter to the baby, who will soon be born. For Natalie it will be the third heir, and she and her husband are looking forward to his birth. Using “StarHit” star made a touching message, which over the years will read her son.

      Most recently, Natalie shared with her fans the happy news that the singer is expecting the birth of a baby who will be born very soon. For a long time, the actress tried to hide this fact from the public, but then I realized that to be silent is pointless. Shortly before the scheduled date “StarHit” addressed to the star with an offer to write a letter to the future heir to further this message graced her family album.

      “My dear son, soon you will be born. Another spring, light, joyful man will be more. You will have the fifth man in the family, counting the cat. Sting, however, a terrible coward, even though he is 3 years and he’s an adult. Glad you’re going to grow in that area of Moscow, which my dad loved. By the way, I moved into a new apartment in the North of the capital just at the time when they expect you. In recent years, in the 7 years, for example, that have passed since the birth of your older brother Toli, a lot has changed. Technology goes forward, not standing still. There are all sorts of gadgets. But something remains unchanged. For example, I’ll read you only paper books, which are incredibly delicious smell, of Charles Perrault, Hans Christian Andersen, Russian fairy tales. Many of them we still read to your older brother the manger 22 years ago.”

      Speaking about plans for the kid’s childhood, the singer stressed that he will follow the same path as his older brothers.

      “Tomorrow we are all going to visit our grandparents, and soon you’ll be with us to ride. And every summer – the sea, is also an old tradition, for many years running. Daddy will teach you how to swim. Just don’t go too far, so I was not worried and did not shout to you from the shore. And always listen to your brothers – they should be your example. Still, our family decided not to ask for gifts for the holidays, because parents always know what to give. And on the day of birth to make something that cannot be bought with money. For example, the intelligence and perseverance to learn well. As a senior once, I’m going to tell you what to pull girls pigtails – bad, but you boys, it doesn’t change. Interesting, but you will like the song my friend Kolya Baskov? Roofing knows each by heart. And Senya, too, their happy singing! Soon, your sonorous voice also sounds in our house. Look forward to and love!”