Eva Polna was reunited with Denis Klyaver

Ева Польна воссоединилась с Денисом Клявером
The star couple has provoked rumors about the resumption of the novel.

Denis Klyaver and Eva Polna

Photo: @Instagram denisklyaver Denis Klyaver

Eva Polna and Denis Klyaver has pleased fans with a rare joint photo. Old lovers reunited on one of the capital’s musical event. Behind the scenes, the actors happily posed together for photographers, and this triggered rumors of a renewed romance.

It turned out that Eva and Denis met there quite by accident. “An official meeting of the parents at work!” signed Klyaver publication in the Network. The artists bring together a common daughter — 11-year-old Evelyn. That concern for the fate of the girls made eve many years ago to forgive and reconcile with the Klyaver, who acknowledged paternity is not immediately, but only when my daughter was five years old.

In their interview, complete with rare case avoids questions about the relationship with ex-boyfriend. She admitted that Denis is very difficult to call the perfect dad. But he is a very loving parent, whose warmth and affection, support Evelyn in everything. “Well, adults are people like. And no seriousness. Hooligans! Meet and start indecent anecdotes to tell. No to on high!”.— says Eva.

Recall that eve also grows another daughter is a seven year old Amalia. Her father is a businessman Sergei Pilgun.