Бывший шеф Скотланд-Ярда надеется раскрыть загадку гибели принцессы Дианы
A retired police officer requires permission to recall that he found the witness.

Бывший шеф Скотланд-Ярда надеется раскрыть загадку гибели принцессы Дианы

Princess Diana


John Arthur Stevens, the Commissioner of police, retired, former head of the London
the police made a sensational statement. Stevens
said, he hoped that soon he would be able to interrogate
a key witness of a car accident that killed lady Diana.

the circumstances of the death of Princess Diana, which occurred 20 years ago, still
excite millions of people around the world. Although, according to the official version, it was
just a random accident allegedly caused by drunk
the driver of the car of the Princess, believe in it, not all many people still
sure: Diana was murdered on the orders of British intelligence.

the case, which was investigated at the time the French police, one of them was not clear
until recently the circumstance. The fact is that on the rear bumper of a Mercedes that crashed on
the support of the Parisian tunnel Alma Tunnel, was
found traces of blow coming from behind the car. This clash
broke the taillight of the car of the Princess and left
bumper traces of white paint. Laboratory analysis showed that this paint
consistent with the Fiat Uno. However, how many
the cops tried to detect
a mysterious white Fiat which, until recently, this car could not detect.

now Stevens has been, he argues, is to find the very mysterious machine
and to establish who was behind its wheel. As explained by Stevens to locate the car
earlier it was not possible because it has been repainted. As stated by the Commissioner in
retirement, he found a witness claiming that a certain Le van tan — French
of Vietnamese origin – the other night my car repainted white with red
color. For this, he even woke up in the middle of the night his brother. Friends Le Van
Tan said that fateful day, he had to be in the area where
the accident occurred. Indirect confirmation of his presence at the scene of the accident was and
the fact that at the time Le van tan was
the Rottweiler, very similar to the dog which other witnesses saw on
the back seat of the white car had moved out of the tunnel…

RET believes that Le van tan — the key witness that helps shed
light on the incident and prove that it was just an accident. But supporters of the theory
conspiracy, on the contrary, learning about the statement of Stevens, decided that the driver of the mysterious
Fiat Uno may
is the killer of Diana.