Leo DiCaprio is going to send tigers?

Лео Ди Каприо собирается послать амурских тигров? Recently, Hollywood star and renowned philanthropist Leonardo DiCaprio has invited representatives of the world elite “group A” in Saint-Tropez at the annual gala evening your own charity, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.
Лео Ди Каприо собирается послать амурских тигров?

And if widely known media personalities gathered in the sea, many people with big wallets the event skimped on. And in a lobby discussed that once the organizer is not very scrupulous and previous offerings of charity and not reported, why to buy tickets and become a defender of, say, tigers for 25 thousand bucks a head (the usual place at the guest table was worth 8 thousand).

Arriving in Baku for the music festival “Heat”, I realized that DiCaprio has some serious competition. No, it was not Olga Buzova, posing astride a pile of Azerbaijan watermelons. Not Potap and Nastya rehearsing the speech, I saw barely entered the hall.

Competition American actor made up the local price of seats at the tables surrounding the stage of the festival. First they cost 4 thousand dollars, but an hour later, while the amount jumped to a 10, no vacant seats left. Granddaughter Sofia Rotaru created a furore in Baku