Экс-защитник «Локомотива» вновь избил свою жену Alexander and Tatyana Aliyev after the divorce live in the same apartment. Former spouses constant scandals, because of what in their house is often the police. In an interview to Ukrainian TV channels, the ex-wife of footballer told that Aliyev constantly humiliates her and raises her hand.

      Экс-защитник «Локомотива» вновь избил свою жену

      Ex-football player of the Moscow “Locomotive” and Kiev “Dynamo” and other well-known clubs Oleksandr Aliyev and his spouse Tatiana a few months ago, officially divorced. The former defender of “Locomotive” divorcing wife who was severely beaten

      But the divorce changed the lives of former husband and wife – scandals happen between them not less than in the days when they were married. Parting, Alexander and Tatiana stayed in the same apartment in Kiev. Mutual claims and accusations and the husband and wife have accumulated so much that a quarrel instantly turns into a scandal. In the house of Aliyev’s often the police, and at the end of this week witnessed yet another fight between the ex-spouses become journalists.

      According to Tatiana, the conflict was provoked Alexander, who on Friday came home in a strong drunk, began to insult her and raised his hand. In proof of Aliyev’s ex-wife tearfully showed the bruising on her body and told that she had broken ribs.

      Экс-защитник «Локомотива» вновь избил свою жену“He beats me with fists, he just doesn’t realize what he was doing,” said the crying young woman.

      The player, in turn, said that the words of Tatiana can not be trusted and before taking her statement, the woman should be checked for blood alcohol and banned substances. Aliyev denied that that night raised his hand to his wife, claiming that the bruises on her body is a result of the massage. Along the way, the athlete admitted that he hit Tatiana when she was his lawful wife.

      “When were husband and wife, Yes, raised his hand when she was drinking. The bruises don’t know how – maybe she’s falling, can massage makes, someone can beat her. I haven’t seen her, to me it is not interesting”, – said Oleksandr Aliyev at the camera.

      Friends and acquaintances of the couple told reporters that a similar conflict in the family of a football player happened quite often. Perhaps they would have already lived together, but Tatiana Aliyeva have nowhere to go with three children – in addition to his son Artem and daughter Alina, born in marriage with Aliyev, a woman has another elder son Vitaly. Incidentally, he always stands up for the mother in her conflict with her stepfather.

      Aliyev does not want to give up the apartment in Kiev, which he bought with his own money, his ex-wife, because it believes it is to blame for their divorce and can’t forgive her she took out the dirty linen in public.

      We will remind, the information that Oleksandr Aliyev used force to his wife, appeared in the press in February last year. After the brutal beating of Tatyana Alexander was detained by law enforcement officers. The Protocol was made of the incident. In the explanatory note to the document, Aliyev refused to write an explanation of what happened, and Tatiana admitted that he constantly puts his hand on her, not paying attention to the children. And in April 2016, Tatiana has published on Facebook a heartbreaking post about the fact that her husband beat their four year old son. After the story the woman said that she didn’t want to have anything to do with the father of his two children.