Бари Алибасов узнал о предательстве молодой жены
The showman left the couple, leaving a small child.

Bari Alibasov with wife Victoria Maximova


Bari Alibasov told Andrei Malakhov, the truth about his marriage with his young wife — Victoria Maximova. Almost a year ago it became known that the wife gave the 68-year-old Alibasova son Vanya. But not so long ago, Bari was leaving a wife and small child. It turned out that the musician has learned that were brutally deceived and in fact is not the father of Vani.

About how he managed to get Victoria to clean water Alibasov has told on air of the program “Tonight.” Bari admitted that the suspicions that his wife has given birth not from it appeared as extension of the baby.

“After she gave birth, I realized that the child wasn’t mine. After happened our marriage, and Victoria gave birth, we split up and began to live separately. Because it was obvious that the child is not mine. Can’t say that I like something pinned to the wall and demanded: “Tell the truth”. I just said, “He does not like me”. And asked: “Was it?” She said, “it Was”!” he said.

The relationship between Bari and Victoria have not been spoiled once and for all. They will continue to support the fellowship, but live in different apartments.Alibasov admits to not hold a grudge against his wife, but to forgive cheating is not can. As a result, the musician gave his name to the son Maximova.