Olga Kabo spoke about the success of son

Ольга Кабо рассказала об успехах сына
The four-year Victor for the first time he stepped on the ice.

Olga Kabo with her son Victor

Photo: @kabo_olga Instagram of Olga Kabo

Olga Kabo is confident that the key to good health — sport. Therefore, his four sons — Victor and actress from childhood are taught to engage in physical activity. The Cape had shared that put his son on skates. According to Olga, the first riding without injury, but the positive emotions from visiting the skating rink was much more.

“Vityusha first time he stepped on the ice! Yay! New impressions, the first bumps, and a sea of pleasure and delight!” — said Cabo. And not so long ago Olga has taught my son to ski. So now, even in winter, the actress had no problem finding something to occupy the active Victor in the street. By the way, he is a very athletic child. Besides ice skating and skiing, the son of Cape as well as mum, loves horse riding, and even a couple times a week visits the pool.

Incidentally, the son of Olga feels quite adult and even managed to choose a bride. “Vitya, too, trust me with your secrets of the heart. Recently came from a garden, crying: “I don’t want to get married!” Let me explain. Vityusha’s friends with a girl from the same group, very pretty, clever. One problem — fell in love with Victor…

In the morning, not go to kindergarten, while Victor’s not coming: waiting for him, takes the hand and sometimes even kisses, and then they go to class. And it would have been nice if she hadn’t insisted on immediate marriage. My boy even began to be afraid, to hide from his groupies. So. Trying to calm him down, and he was even more upset: “I just for you, mommy, I want to marry, I just love you!” I explain that married to dad, and Victor immediately is: “because Dad loves me, he will understand and allow me to take you to wife!” Here such passion!” — said Olga 7days.ru