Поклонники взволнованы сообщениями о болезни Натальи Варвиной The star of “House-2” for several days did not get out of bed. Natalia Varvina a couple of days said that are not seriously sick, and later re-published in a microblog post that in bed she continues. Fans want their favorite speedy recovery and notice that she’s ill too often.

      One of the most prominent former member “House-2”, whose life is beyond the scope of the project continues to interest fans and to this day, Natalia Varvina gave reason to worry for her.

      A young woman reported microblogging, seriously ill, and for several days is at home, adding that she was forced to stay in bed. “Lie, drink, medicines, tea with raspberries, I’m surrounded by a mountain of napkins, watching soap operas and old movies. All love and health, don’t lose me” – addressed to the subscribers microblog Natalia Varvina a couple of days ago.

      The news about his illness star not a little stir her friends and admirers. They hurried to Marvinol wish a speedy recovery and noticed that it too often hurts.

      “You’re often sick, Natasha,” “You so often suffer! Immunity is necessary to resolve the issue, it’s not very good – every two months to root… Advisers are many, but start with the blood, change habits, and add the original vitamins in the diet, not our, and us” – give advice to Natalia Varvina her fans.

      The status of ex-member “House-2” did not allow her even to get in touch with fans, concerned about news about the bad health star. A little later, Varvina apologized for not able to thank everyone who wished her good health, adding that until now still can’t cope with it overcame the virus. “Thank you all for the wishes for a speedy recovery – I read it! Sorry, that is not the answer – it still hurt,” – said Natalia Varvina.

      Next to a young woman these days is her beloved husband, the General producer of the project “Dom-2” Alexey Mihajlovsky. He supports a wife during his illness. Natalia Varvina proved the love for a spouse

      And for creating a positive mood, which plays a significant role in the recovery process, meets the faithful dog of breed Labrador Ronald.

      By the way, leaving the “House-2” and married, Natalia Varvina was the perfect housewife. She loves to pamper your wife with homemade pickles homemade and makes the twist for the winter, surprising fans that the star is not alien to the concerns of ordinary women.