В Сети обсуждают страстное фото Пелагеи со свадьбы The artist tries as little as possible to appear in public. She infrequently publishes new pictures on the Internet and not trying to attract public attention to his personal life. However, fans found a new photo from the marriage of Pelagia, which she kisses her husband Ivan Telegin. Frame with a memorial for the singer’s events caused an unprecedented outcry.

      В Сети обсуждают страстное фото Пелагеи со свадьбы

      Singer Pelageya and hockey player Ivan Telegin legalized their relations on 16 June 2016. This event took place in Kutuzovsky registry office of Moscow. The event was only a few relatives from the groom and bride. After the couple went to one of the capital’s restaurants, they were joined by close friends. The pair shared a joint with pictures of the festival in social networks, however, fan communities, the actress appeared bright pictures, made familiar lovers.

      Pelageya secretly married a hockey player

      Seven months later, the network appeared the photo, which, apparently, were made on June 16 of last year in one of the rooms Kutuzovsky registry office. Ivan Telegin passionately kisses Pelagia, who holds in his left hand a lush bouquet and trying to hug the groom. They look happy. Apparently, the singer feels great in a wedding dress, because it could not determine the image. The ex-the mentor show “the Voice” sewing a wedding dress to order, so it is stressed the advantages of her figure.

      Recall that after the wedding the couple went on a honeymoon in Greece. On the island of Santorini Pelagia took this picture in summer, flowing dress, which fell in the social network. Subscribers saw on the ring finger of the singer a diamond ring. After making sure that the young woman did get married, they began to congratulate her on this event. Interestingly, for close family wedding lovers was not a surprise. A friend of Pelageya told me that the affair between artist and athlete has developed very rapidly, and the proposal of marriage she received last spring.

      Fans angry that their favorite didn’t show frames from wedding celebration. But the singer and her husband from the beginning not in a hurry to tell the fans about their relationship for a long time hiding them.

      A few months later, the Network began to actively discuss pregnancy Pelagia. After the wedding, which took place in the summer, about a girl, very little was known. She continued to hide from the audience the details of married life. The wife of hockey player could be found only at sports matches, which the artist began to visit regularly. Mother of the singer were concerned about the increased interest in her daughter, so she asked the journalists to leave their family alone. According to some, the former mentor show “the Voice” had a baby in November of last year, however, this information was not confirmed. So fans of the performer with interest waiting for new details from life of the artist. Pelage congratulations on the birth of a child