«Зимняя вишня»: как сложились судьбы актеров культового фильма The lives of artists was no less dramatic than their on-screen heroes. In the program “Secrets of our cinema” Ivan Usachev told how to live today, Elena Safonova, Larisa Udovichenko, Ivar Kalnynsh and other stars, for which the role in “Winter cherry” has become a real calling card.

      «Зимняя вишня»: как сложились судьбы актеров культового фильма

      The film “Winter cherry”, released in 1985, the popularity and people’s love can be compared, perhaps, with such films as “Irony of fate or with light steam” and “Moscow does not believe in tears”. Only in the first year of rental, “Winter cherry” has been viewed more than 60 million viewers in twenty countries around the world. Soviet TV viewer called the film an “anthem of lonely women.” About how we created this romance and the fate of the actors involved in it, in the program “Secrets of our cinema” said Ivan Usachev.

      The fate of the main characters discussed at the very top. According to the scenario, Olga was supposed to marry a foreigner. But the Chairman of the State Committee for cinematography Philip Place this idea is not liked.

      «Зимняя вишня»: как сложились судьбы актеров культового фильма“He said that you need to replace a foreign diplomat on somebody our, what we did taking on the role of Herbert Latvian actor Ivar Kalninsh,” recalls the Director Igor Maslennikov.
      «Зимняя вишня»: как сложились судьбы актеров культового фильма

      But in the ideology of that time perfectly fit the plot on track when the hero Vitaly Solomin Vadim on the “Lada” catching up “Mercedes” with the beloved.

      By the way, the personal life of Ivars Kalnins, the hero who refused a bride, there was much happier than many of the actors employed in the film. The famous artist has had three marriages and all three, says 68-year-old actor is happy, so I gave him five beautiful children. Current wife of Laura’s younger than Ivar thirty years. Ivar Kalnynsh admits that even today, fans ask him how he survived the betrayal of his girlfriend.

      «Зимняя вишня»: как сложились судьбы актеров культового фильма

      Often felt sorry for the audience and Elena Safonov. Her fate appeared to be more dramatic than the fate of her heroine Olga. After the premiere of “the Winter cherries” life of the then aspiring actress changed dramatically. Showered with offers. In the early 90-ies of Elena Safonov was invited for the lead role in the movie “Accompanist,” which was filmed in France. There, she met actor Samuel Labarta, whom she married. The actress moved to live in France together with his son Ivan. In a new marriage with Safonova was born a son, Alexander, now he’s 23. By the way, the husband of the actress played the driver in the continuation of the “Winter cherry”. And some scenes were filmed in France, in the apartment of Elena Safonova and Labarthe.

      «Зимняя вишня»: как сложились судьбы актеров культового фильма

      But this marriage was destined to disintegrate. Elena’s husband could not survive, that she devoted her career more attention than the family. The real tragedy for Safonova was the solution that was adopted by the court in France, leaving the son with the father. In 1997 she returned to Russia, and since then she lives in two countries.

      «Зимняя вишня»: как сложились судьбы актеров культового фильма“I need to be happy a little, – says Elena Safonova. – I have to visit France to see my son. And I need to go somewhere where I could have a good rest.”

      Repeated the fate of its heroine actress Larisa Udovichenko played the neighbor and friend Olga Currencies, which forgave your beloved Sasha his love of alcohol. In life, the actress also had to deal with addiction of her husband, musician and businessman Gennady Bulgarian. As written in the press, he became interested in casino and started to lose a lot of money. The actress tried to fight, but in vain. Feeling burned, the marriage, after two decades of living together, broke up. Now Udovichenko devotes himself only daughter, who lives in Italy and his work.

      «Зимняя вишня»: как сложились судьбы актеров культового фильма“Not loving in the age of the go-to person who you are not close, it is impossible, – explains her female loneliness Larisa Udovichenko. – I shoot, I played in antrepriznyh performances, all the time go. I try not to prevaricate and honestly about the work and the people who surround me”.
      «Зимняя вишня»: как сложились судьбы актеров культового фильма

      Actor Sergei Parshin played the fiancé of the heroine, Sasha Udovichenko. Scenes with him in the film was supposed to be more, but drinking the athlete does not fit into the framework of the struggle with alcoholism that raged then. Parshin admits that until now, sorry about the cut scenes with him. However, the actor will have the chance to play its role to the end, because Igor Maslennikov decided to shoot a sequel to the melodrama. “It turned out the plot is quite sharp. On how two relatives, a brother and sister from different fathers, but one mother, named Olga (played by Safonova), come for a few days in Petersburg the international Symposium”, told Maslennikov in the program. The Director has written the script and was invited to the shooting of heroes of the previous films.