The follies of the rich: what went millionaires to amuse people

Безумства богачей: на что пошли миллионеры, чтобы позабавить народ “StarHit” remember the most controversial actions of the largest business. Many of them find very unusual Hobbies than cause some reaction from the public.
Безумства богачей: на что пошли миллионеры, чтобы позабавить народ

Of course, every successful man has a right to dispose of earned money as he pleases. Of course after paying the required taxes. As you know, the rich have their quirks… From the usual weirdos they are distinguished by the fact that they can spend on a whim, millions of dollars. But even if you save most likely, their eccentric antics will not remain without attention. The rain of money, the transfer of the old Church for a wedding in another country – “StarHit” collected the most enjoyable actions of millionaires.

Money rain from Pavel Durov

Condition: $950млн. (according to Forbes), 100 place in the rating of the richest businessmen of Russia 2017

Company: Telegram

Безумства богачей: на что пошли миллионеры, чтобы позабавить народ

Last week, Pavel Durov noted birthday. Before moving abroad he was the General Director of “Vkontakte” from 2006 to 2014. His company’s office was in the centre of Saint Petersburg on Nevsky Prospekt.

In the city day, may 27, 2012, he staged the attraction of unprecedented generosity – from the window of his office threw five-thousandth notes attached to paper airplanes. A crowd gathered very quickly. Someone was filming the video, someone rushed for the money, fighting.

The campaign received a wide resonance. Discussed it only in a negative way. “Distribution” was short, and the reason for all the financial possibilities that have been demonstrated Durov, and the behavior of the bystanders.

“Unfortunately, this small charity raffle in honor of the city we had to stop – said Pavel Durov later. – People began to fly into a rage, especially the drunk part. So next time let’s have a quiz on knowledge of city history and biography of Peter I, it will be more in keeping with the spirit of Petersburg”.


State: $13.2 billion (according to Forbes) in 2017, which took 9-th place among the Russian billionaires

Company: owns a controlling stake in Siberian coal energy company “Evrohim” and the Siberian generating company

Безумства богачей: на что пошли миллионеры, чтобы позабавить народ

In September 2005, Andrey Melnichenko married Sandra Nikolic, a model and singer from Yugoslavia. The wedding was held at the Villa of a businessman in Antibes on the Cote d’azur. A conservative estimate of the journalists it cost the businessman $30 million is not Surprising, because three hundred guests were taken to the aircraft ordered, was booked five-star hotel in Cannes…

At the party the audience was entertained by Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, and father and son Iglesias. Served delicious dishes from the French chef Alain Ducasse (after some six years he was preparing for a reception in honor of the wedding of Prince albert II of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock).

The lovers are not only married, but married. In Cannes, nice you can find Orthodox churches. But apparently the groom wanted something native. Wrote that for the sake of the rite in Moscow dismantled the old wooden chapel, the aircraft was transported to the wedding site and rebuilt it. A few days after the ceremony, its the same way back into place.

A piece of the moon for his beloved. Roman Abramovich

Condition: of $9100 million (according to Forbes)

Company: own shares of several companies

Безумства богачей: на что пошли миллионеры, чтобы позабавить народ

What to give to a man when he has everything? It seems that this issue periodically suffers even Roman Abramovich. In November 2008 he presented to Daria Zhukova forty acres of the moon. The businessman bought land from the Agency, The Lunar Embassy, which translates as “lunar Embassy”.

Gift cost about $2000. Among the neighbors of Daria’s for you to discover the territory of Lima Vajkule, Valery Meladze, Ilya Lagutenko, John Travolta, Tom cruise, Nicole Kidman, Mick Jagger, Clint Eastwood and others. The area can be managed as any other property: to give, to sell, transfer by inheritance. It was rumored that the gift Abramovich was compensated for again postponed the wedding ceremony. Since Roman and Daria had not only formalized relations, but also to run up recently, the couple announced the breakup.

By the way, by selling plots of the moon well earned American Dennis hope. In the 80-ies of the businessman used the space in the world of legislation and privatized about five dozen planets. And now the owner of the “Lunar Embassy” has millions of dollars.


Of the company: shareholder and investor

Безумства богачей: на что пошли миллионеры, чтобы позабавить народ

Recently, the controversial businessman freed in the courtroom. He was accused of embezzling 2.6 billion rubles. About this trial will soon be forgotten, but the bizarre antics of Sergei will remain in memory for a long time.

In 2004 there was a company Mirax Group, which was engaged in the construction, restoration. Business brought good income to him, experts estimate – about $600 million of net profit. It seems that the success of the company is so inspired by Sergei what he called the newborn son in her honor – Mirax.

And once the entrepreneur has promised to eat a tie if during the half year the prices of apartments in the houses will not grow on 25%. It took a little more time – two years. In 2011, about those words I remembered Sergei Minaev in the broadcast of “Minaev live” and offered to fulfill the promise. The man pulled out a tie, salt and pepper.

“If all people will it make it easier, what to do – I’ll eat a piece,” said Polonsky, picked up a knife, cut off a piece of the tie, and chewed, then drank water and swallowed.


The company’s Chairman of the Board of Directors of LetterOne Holdings and the Supervisory Board of “Alfa-Group”

Condition: $14400 million, according to Forbes, is the seventh richest person in Russia

Безумства богачей: на что пошли миллионеры, чтобы позабавить народ

Future millionaire in his student years he worked as a porter in the store, resold tickets to concerts and performances, he arranged a disco. Apparently, his own experience prompted the businessman thought that his children – Laura and Kate Friedman, Alexander and nick Orzelska – also must build your own.

“I do not like to give public promises of this kind, but I can say that made the decision — my condition will go exclusively to charity. I just think that to give the child or young person a significant amount of money is largely a risk to break his life,” said Friedman at the meeting of the Forbes Club in may last year.

After the businessman explained his decision – he doesn’t want heirs to become the objects of attention of people pursuing nefarious purposes, and I am sure the children will be able to build a career and to achieve, as long as he did. A similar decision, according to Friedman, took and its business partners.

And, it seems, the children of a millionaire follow his plan. If you believe the media, the eldest daughter Laura graduated from Yale University, managed to not only learn, but also to dance in the ballet. Catherine Friedman enrolled at the same school – at Yale she studies the history. Only son Alexander attends a prestigious American school Kent School and Junior nick while walking in a Moscow educational institution.

Oscar is invitation

Eldar Osmanov – the father of the bride

Company: owns holding company “Mezhregionenergo”

Albert Avdolyan is the father of the groom

Condition: $800 million according to Forbes

Of the company: shareholder Qiwi and co-owner of coal deposits

This celebration definitely claims the title of wedding of the year. Instead of traditional invitations to each guest from the bride and groom got a black briefcase, inside it was a statue of “Oscar”, gaming pieces, handle and Golden plate with the names of newlyweds, Gaspar and Lolita. But that’s not all: in each suitcase was built the screen, which played video shot in the style of a Hollywood blockbuster, at the end of the video it was reported the date and place of celebration.

The wedding took place July 1 at the Dolby theater on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, right there in the hall for three thousand seats, every year takes place the ceremony of delivery of film awards “Oscar”. Guests were greeted by violinists, the room literally buried in flowers, the bride walked down the aisle in a dress the color of champagne… And in the end of the evening the audience was entertained by Lady Gaga and Jason Derulo. If you believe the rumors, a celebration spent about $ 10 million.

Russian spirit. Vasily Boiko-Veliky

Company: the Creator of the brand “Ruzsky milk”

Безумства богачей: на что пошли миллионеры, чтобы позабавить народ

One of the most controversial businessmen in December 2009 issued the documents and won the double last name. And Vasily did it with the sole purpose to avoid confusion with other entrepreneurs.

In everyday life, he prefers to walk in the coat. Famous businessman and other eccentric things. Once allegedly ordered all employees to take courses “fundamentals of Orthodox culture,” the training gave the company threatened to dismiss all those who will not make it. And all the subordinates who were married, were commanded to marry.

Moreover, the packaging of milk its brand was crossed out the barcode. “Known long ago that barcode on the goods – it invisible are always three six (666) or the name of the Antichrist which is hidden in Holy Scripture, stated an official statement. – Crossing out the barcode, we want to show our position. I want to emphasize that cancels out we are not a simple cross, and St. Andrew’s”.

Personally kills animals for lunch. Mark Zuckerberg

Net worth: $56 billion according to Forbes

Company: Founder and CEO of Facebook

Безумства богачей: на что пошли миллионеры, чтобы позабавить народ

The main Creator of the social networking world can surprise. For example, in 2011, he became interested in farming. On his page he posted a status: “Just killed a pig and a goat.” Under the post there were ten negative comments to which mark replied quite calmly: “I now eat more healthy food. And learned a lot about rational agriculture, livestock farming”.

To take this case Zuckerberg helped neighbor. Jesse cool, a well-known chef in Silicon valley, invited the businessman and several farmers in his restaurant, where he showed a master class on the slaughter of animals. The first victim of the Brand has become chicken. Businessman each year enjoys something new. For example, in 2009, he wore a new tie every day, and after 12 months started to learn Chinese. According to his confession, these experiments help him discover the world, to expand the range of interests and discipline yourself.

Temporarily replaced the floor. Richard Branson

Company: Founder Of Virgin Group

Condition: more than $5.4 billion

Businessman loves to shock the audience. He once drove a tank through times square, poured the champagne Princess Diana, said in a white dress at the opening of the wedding salon.

And in may 2013, six hours was a flight attendant on the AirAsia flight from Australia to Malaysia. The Branson was a red uniform skirt and jacket, black tights… For full transformation millionaire even shaved my legs and did the makeup blue shadows and red lipstick. During the flight, he kindly offered the passengers food and drinks, as well as reported technical information about the flight. We did not forget to have fun and pose for the photographers. The flight attendants billionaire was no accident – he lost the argument businessman Tony Fernandes, owner of AirAsia. Men argue whose group of the Formula-1 in the final will be the best in the team competition, in the end, Branson’s Virgin lost to Team Lotus.

During the flight, “the stewardess” Branson jokingly knocked over a glass of juice on Fernandes, the winner praised the work as “worthless”.