Granddaughter of Nicholas Rastorguev was surprised by a strange request

Внучка Николая Расторгуева удивила странной просьбой 12-year-old girl wanted to receive a gift credit card. Nikolay Rastorguev loves Sonya and immediately fulfilled her wish. What the young heiress spends money, the musician does not know.
Внучка Николая Расторгуева удивила странной просьбой

The leader of group “lube” Nikolay Rastorguev has been a guest on the Sunday program of the First channel “Honestly” with Yury Nikolaevym. Broadcaster and eminent interlocutor told about the work, remembered 90-e years when the popularity of “lube” beat all records. And, of course, could not avoid the subject of family, Nicholas Rastorguev, which is very important for a musician.

As we know, Nikolay Rastorguev has two adult sons – a 40-year-old Paul and 23-year-old Nicholas, and granddaughter Sonia. The girl this year was twelve years old, and the famous grandfather personally asked her to she wanted to receive as a gift on birthday.

Внучка Николая Расторгуева удивила странной просьбой“I don’t want to buy something that she will not need to end up. It is already quite an adult and understand everything. I asked her: “Sonia, what would you want for your birthday?” And she said, “Grandfather, can you give me a children’s credit card?” Good move! Yes, no question! And I instantly made the map, she’s got the money for any personal needs”, – said Nikolay Rastorguev.
Внучка Николая Расторгуева удивила странной просьбой

What exactly is spending money his young heir, the musician does not know. “Well, I guess for powder, lipstick, whatever else the girls need at the singer in answer to the question of Yuri Nikolaev. – Books, maybe, pencils, notebooks. That’s her business brand”.

Nikolay Rastorguev with great warmth spoke about how twelve years ago said that he became a grandfather. The emotions that the musician has experienced at the time, still fresh in his memory. He could not believe that his status is so changed dramatically. “When Sonya was born, I was on tour in London. The group “lube” there was a solo concert. Called me said I became a grandfather. I immediately went to the mirror: do I look like a grandfather? Something I can not understand” – with a smile has remembered Nikolay Rastorguev.

But very soon the artist began to enjoy his new status and the possibility to communicate with a new member of your family. However, Sonia is seen with his famous grandfather infrequently – they live close, and strong employment is not conducive to frequent visits.

“Sonia is in the music school, good at drawing, but still learning at school. She is much smarter than me! I was troechnikom. In the best case” – not without pride tells of his granddaughter Nikolai Rastorguev.