The first photo! The pregnant wife of Andrei Malakhov broke the silence

Первое фото! Беременная жена Андрея Малахова прервала молчание
Fans discuss how to change the appearance of Natalia Shkuleva.

Andrey Malakhov with his wife Natalia Shkuleva

Photo: @natashashkuleva Instagram Natalia Kulevoy

One of the hot topics currently being discussed in secular circles, the pregnancy of his wife Andrey Malakhov. According to Elle, after six years of marriage, the wife of TV host is finally preparing to give him the firstborn. Recently Natalia shkuleva became rarely appear in the Network, probably not to attract to his position of attention. But late last night she posted the first photo after the news about her pregnancy.

It should be noted that the wife of Andrew specially photographed so that the fans could not see her rounded belly. “How has… the Girl has to be!”, “Such touching, and the future mother recovered already.”, “good luck! Nice to see you,” write members of the spouses. Sharing a photo of Natalia with the TV presenter, was done in Italy, where the celebrity couple flew out a few days ago. Malakhov pregnant wife and the rest of the “island of billionaires”. In Sardinia, by the way, now spends holidays and a 70-year-old Sofia Rotaru with her son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

By the way, in the life of Andrei things were changing even before the birth of the child. Care Malakhov from the First channel, which became known recently, is said to have had a great response. Many stars shared their opinions on the work of the presenter. Someone thinks that, after leaving his former place of work, Andrew did the right thing. Others doubt that he will succeed to become a new. According to Malakhov, Networking is exactly what he intends to do for the period of maternity leave which he will spend with the baby.