Надежда Грановская в тайне вышла замуж

Ukrainian TV star Nadezhda Granovskaya a few years ago married, not having informed about how their media. The press never pictures of the celebration, as the singer, and it was not staged, but rather in secret to sign with her husband, businessman Mikhail Urzhumtseva. About the incident didn’t even native stars, including her own mother!

Надежда Грановская в тайне вышла замуж

Ukrainian singer revealed details and revealed a big secret in an interview with “7 days”, what do not know even her own mother! “Michael insisted, and offered to take his name with me is difficult in this respect — it is useless to insist. But I did not refuse: I like to be Urzhumtseva, — told reporters the star. The actress told the magazine that a couple of years ago, they took the kids, got in the car and went to the registry office. There’s a couple got married, and even staged a wedding!

On this news, relatives and friends found out after the incident. Michael recently decided to call a few friends and relatives who had been invited to dine in a restaurant without stating the reason. Over lunch, the couple announced their marriage. As she says Hope, “So there were no white dresses… you Know, I’m such a weird girl who never wanted to get married. It was funny that my 16-year-old classmate dream about the veil, and make plans for the future life. They listened to the band “Ivanushki International”. And I Montserrat Caballe, “Habanera”. The actress preferred not to think about boys and future wedding and my future career. In the mind of Hope was just music and dancing. she loved to come up with whole rooms to the music in my head.

Wilson has always been a loner, and therefore has not met the proposal of his half with great joy. She couldn’t understand “how to treat”. “On the one hand, I understood that this man is my destiny. And on the other I’m still not attracted to the idea of marriage, I did not like it.”. The hope of a great life, just meeting and enjoying the company of your partner, without imposing a framework for their relationship.

The actress celebrated her freedom-loving, love to be alone and do what you love, without other people who could stop her. “But still heart consulted to mind, and I said to Mike “Yes.

We wish the star and businessman, a happy family life and less doubt in your choice! I hope that the star will still swallow his love of solitude and will be able to cope with married life.