The first interview with the son of Michael Jackson made a lot of noise

Первое интервью сына Майкла Джексона наделало много шума The heir of the king of pop for a long time did not communicate with the press and commented. But now told reporters how he lives after his father’s death and how he remembers when he was a child. For several years the young man remained in the shadows of more famous relatives, but now he has something to say.

      Prince Jackson shared details of his personal life. The heir to the celebrities stated that they never felt like a child in communion with the father. He always tried to talk to him on equal terms, while carefully hiding his life from the lenses of the paparazzi. He believed that excessive attention from the media could affect the future of his heirs. At the same time, 19-year-old young man does not hide that for several years did not understand why he was trying to take a picture at every opportunity. It seemed to him that he is a child like other children.

      The son of a celebrity was told that his dad actually wore the mask on his head, to journalists have not had a chance to photograph him. And the mystery of the father long time was kept secret before the family went to the amusement Park, where Michael Jackson started removing the visitors. They were waving the star couple, and the Prince greeted them fondly in response. When he was able to see the video with the speech of the father, everything changed.

      Daughter of Michael Jackson is planning to get married in spite of family

      “Once I realized who my father and realized that this life is not for everyone. I remember at Disneyland I went to the window and saw the crowd of fans who were waving at me and photographed me. Then I thought this is normal, and also waved. And so it was until, until I saw the video with his speech where people fainted. And then I realized how much his work means to people,” said Prince in an interview.

      Prince asserts that his family has become the most difficult life after the death of his father. Around his name started to appear the rumors that had nothing to confirm. As a boy he had to defend the honor of his father, who was accused of pedophilia and abuse of children. Over time, Jackson Jr. realized that the best tool in the fight against enemies can be ignore. So he decided not to respond to unflattering comments, and to exalt the name of the king of pop.

      “After his death I try to make the part of the father in all its spheres: from the logo and the name of my company, to use its aphorisms”, – told reporters the heir of Michael Jackson.

      The young man made no secret of the fact that every member of their family in different ways has experienced a great loss. His sister Paris adheres to the same opinion, he’s another. He said that since childhood it should be laid down in the commandments. His dad asked if he was going to devote his life to art. 19-year-old heir said that the music gave him to rethink, to understand its importance, but more drawn to producing and directing. Unlike Michael Jackson, he has no desire to go on stage and gain popularity.

      After school, the Prince enrolled at the University in Los Angeles. Learning does not prevent him to develop his own business and doing things you love. At such a young age he has already managed to create two of your own video clip and to establish a King’s Son Productions, for which he spares neither time nor effort. He is convinced that his father would be proud of them. The work behind the scenes its not depressing, and the passive interest of the public can only be happy because it helps concentricity around the right people.

      “Father said that we should not trust someone just because it seems like a good idea – always need to think,” admitted Prince Jackson in an interview with E!.