Tina Kandelaki boasted future son-in-law

Тина Канделаки похвасталась будущим зятем The daughter of the businesswoman has a secret admirer. Tina Kandelaki showed a huge basket of roses, transparently hinting that flowers destined not to her. Fans are sure that a magnificent gift presented to 16-year-old daughter stars her Beau.

      Famous TV presenter and businesswoman Tina Kandelaki gave to understand that her 16-year-old daughters Melania appeared cavalier. Star has published in the microblog the photo of the gorgeous bouquet of several dozen roses crimson. A huge basket of flowers take up too much space in the apartment and resulted in the admiration of Tina Kandelaki, which is difficult something to surprise.

      This is such a luxurious gift, and by whom it is made, businesswoman did not elaborate, she just clearly hinted that the giver is close to her family.

      “These baskets are made to give in a decent Georgian families. Remember, if you become a Georgian son-in-law, then rule number one or rule Pirosmani: if roses, million”, – commented on the amazing bouquet of Tina Kandelaki.

      Subscribers stars immediately realized he was talking about. According to them, roses are meant to be the successor of Tina and gave them a fan girl who doesn’t mind being related to a famous family. Besides, Kandelaki published on the eve of a joint photo with his beautiful daughter, noting that Melanie allows her to demonstrate his shots only in exceptional cases.

      “This bouquet for my daughter!”, “It is a hint after with a daughter?”, “May I congratulate you? Son-in-law come from?”, “The pace and become a grandmother soon”, “Now mom and daughter can compete in the size of the bouquet”, – to discuss the post Tina Kandelaki her followers.

      It should be noted that the First daughter Melania Kondrahin, which in January of next year will mark 17 years, perhaps the most closed of the known heirs of our country. Girls of marriageable age: the popularity and prosperity of the star heiresses

      The girl has long been strictly forbidden by her mother to publish her photos in Instagram and to say anything in an interview about her life. This option Melania took over. However, judging by her microblog, the daughter of a celebrity leads a normal teenage life: school, partying, hanging out with friends.

      By the way, and Tina Kandelaki does not like to flaunt personal life. We will remind, this spring it became known that Tina secretly married Vasily Brovko, who works as the Director of communications, Analytics and strategic research of the state Corporation “rostec”. Leading met her future husband eight years ago. According to acquaintances couples, Basil had a very long time to take care of Tina, to conquer her heart.