The finalist of “the Bachelor” was convicted for sex with llya Glinnikov

Финалистку «Холостяка» осудили за секс с Ильей Глинниковым The latest edition of the TV show came out truly hot. The girls gave the actor a romantic date in Georgia, and Ekaterina Nikulina and decided not to bring the relations with Ilya to a new level. The couple retired to the bedroom directly during the broadcast.
Финалистку «Холостяка» осудили за секс с Ильей Глинниковым

While fans continue to speculate over who will win the fifth season of “the Bachelor,” passion on the project itself strained to the limit. So, Madina Tamova decided to risk his life to surprise Elijah at the time of Dating, organizing paragliding. The girl admitted that he is afraid of extreme entertainment, but for the sake Glinnikov forgot their own fears.

However, a far more ambitious was the act of Ekaterina Nikulina. On the next date finalist faked his own kidnapping horsemen, which, however failed due to the quick reaction of “the bachelor”. After a romantic dinner the girl and I decided not to leave Illya alone, going along with him to the bedroom. This bold move shocked the other contender for the heart of man.

“Ostentatious sexuality is the most simple that can make any woman. This is absolutely primitive, and it is very depreciated, when put to public display,” said Madina.

At the very Nikulin condemnation of the competitor had no effect because she believes that the relationship without a real passion for the impossible. Despite the fact that sex itself remained behind the scenes, fans of the show were shocked, because Elijah and the finalist of the project were in bed together right during the broadcast, even in clothes.

“Do I regret what happened between us? Absolutely not,” admits Catherine.

And while the girls try to figure out who among them is more worthy of victory, Glinnikov can not decide on their choice. The actor admitted that his parents are not just discouraging but near Madinah he feels warmth and coziness. Earlier the performer of the role of Gleb Romanenko in the acclaimed TV series “Interns” has repeatedly said that he wants to settle down and have children. A similar statement he made during the Dating Madinah. Time won’t heal: what happened to the actors of the series “Interns”.

“In your future I see a family. Two alabais, black and white. Two huskies, a bunch of little guys” – Frank said the actor.

Earlier, the actor admitted that he fell in love with one of the girls on “the Bachelor.” Meanwhile fans can only bet on who would prefer to catch.