Olga Buzova told about what had saved her from the loony bin

Ольга Бузова рассказала о том, что спасло ее от психушки
The presenter looks for a loved one through the editor of the magazine “7 Days”.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Olga Buzova admitted that realizes that after such a nasty divorce with Dmitry Tarasov, it’ll be hard again to lose the head.

“I enjoy the fact that my life belongs to me
one, says TV presenter. And that buzz of freedom from me and very little
scary. Because every year it’s harder and harder to lose
head. But on the other hand, the case still did not reach what I
already did not need men. (Laughs.) Right now, that’s just
days (maybe it’s spring affect me?) I suddenly felt like
to fall in love! I wanted the butterflies inside! You can contact the editorial office
the magazine “7 Days” to “butterflies” found me? (Laughs.) Today
the moment love is the only thing I lack…”.

Although for a long time Olga was in depression because loved too much — and then also suffered greatly.

“I’m very permanently stuck
in past relationships. But digging into the past — a road to nowhere, so you can get in a psychiatric hospital — says Buzova. — Fortunately, I found a way to avoid it: you have to work. And if I start to put a condition to leave their projects, I was immediately with him
saying good-bye. As practice shows, the man can leave, but work remains. And
most tragic moment is my work saved me. My strength is that I work both day and night. Have
to me there is some level that I would like to achieve and be complacent, saying:
“Well all I done”. I’m open to suggestions. I have different thoughts and
the West including. I see myself on the red carpet and as I handed
“Oscar”. Why not? Everything in life can be… But in any case, my story
— the story of a simple girl who has made herself”.

The full interview can be read here.