Финал шоу «Холостяк» взбесил фанатов Алексея Воробьева
Fans terribly upset by the unexpected decision of the singer.

Alexey Vorobyov

The final show “the Bachelor,”
published today in air, raised a wave of discontent on the part of viewers. Fans of Alexey Vorobyov, for his heart with
the beginning fought 26 girls, after watching the final release
was left extremely disappointed.

Until the end of the show “arrived”
two contestants — Natalia Anosova Garaganova and Jan. Fans are eagerly
expect the announcement of the decision of Alexei: who of the two girls will be Vorobyev
the same “one”? And imagine their disappointment when the singer
first said goodbye to Jana, and then with Natalia. Thus, for the first time in
four season of the show “the Bachelor,” the main character of the program remained single, refusing all
the contenders for the title of wife.

Alexey commented on the incident as follows. “I didn’t come here for a specific
girl, and for the real feelings!” — explained the singer. As you can see, find
sincere companion on the project, he had failed.

Among viewers in
social networks unleashed a serious dispute. Many thought that this time
were poorly chosen contestants of the show and from the outset, there was not a suitable
pair for Alex. Some believe that the sparrows were not going to look for his
future wife, but simply used transmission for PR.

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