Хью Грант теряет форму
A favorite of the ladies is rapidly gaining weight.

Хью Грант теряет форму

Hugh Grant

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Hugh Grant

Photo: Instagram.com

The other day
the beach in Marbella were shocked when one of the visitors
the beach Hollywood star of British origin Hugh Grant. The fact that
Grant looked clearly not the best way.

As had the opportunity to see witnesses of the actor swimming in the sea, the 55-year-old Hugh scored for the last time not less than ten
clearly the extra pounds. Voluminous stomach of the Grant clearly does not jibe with his image
conqueror of female hearts. Besides, Hugh, apparently, not very long ago
been to the gym because his muscles looked too absolutely not
impressive. The negative effect produced by the Grant of witnesses on his
the appearance on the beach, amplified by the fact that the actor was dressed in a dimensionless
swimming shorts with a very low rise, which only emphasized his
pale skin, and all figure flaws.

came on holiday to Marbella alone but was accompanied by his girlfriend and mother
two of his children – a 35-year-old Anna Eberstein. The first child, who was named
John, Anna gave birth to back in 2012, and last December the boy
there was also a sister. In addition to two children from Eberstein, Hugh has two more
offspring: his other friend, the Chinese girl, Hong Tinglan made happy actor daughter
Tabitha and son Felix.

the next day after photos fat sex symbol
taken by paparazzi, appeared in the press, it came under a hail of ridicule.
However, not all reacted to shots this way, Hugh has found and the defenders.
For example, actress Martin McCutcheon, partner Grant in the film “love actually”
said she finds that Hugh still looks great. But even if he
20 pounds heavier, she still refused to be in it
bed, because Martin still can’t forget the kisses of the Grant, to get her
during the filming of their joint film. “Hugh is incredibly sexy!” – said the actress.

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