Ирина Безрукова: «Жизнь стала полнее после развода»

The actress admitted that she finally had time for themselves.

It has been a year Irina and Sergei Bezrukov not together. Sergei plunged into the maelstrom of the new novel. His choice was a stage Director Anna matison. Irina, meanwhile, has focused all the attention at work.

“It’s interesting to try myself in new projects. Previously, it was not enough time, busy was not quite himself. Now do exactly the same, but for myself, ” said the actress in an interview Womam”s Day. — If before was also in demand, as it is now, would not be able to pay enough attention to my son and husband.”

In her spare time she began to plan trips.

“I free up time, and I became increasingly somewhere to go. At the same festival in Rostov last year resumed a relationship with childhood friends, adolescence. With so many great people met on the projects in which he participated, ” continued the actress. — Lucky me with friends, including young. Previously had to control myself, to match the status. Now act as you feel. Having fun with young people actively use social networks in contrast to peers.”

Another pleasant side of freedom – life has ceased to take away a part of life.

“At home I almost did not happen. Except that sleep come. Eat mostly in our wonderful stage deli or cafe. Cleaning is also hassle does not deliver, – says the actress. — Oscar (the dog of the actress. — Approx.ed.) very neat. I have not a single lace was not finished… Plan to go on vacation in July. It could be like Europe with its attractions and some resort areas. I want to take the car and take a ride through unfamiliar country. Stop in little towns along the way, to sunbathe, to go to museums”.

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