Фильм Кончаловского произвел фурор на острове Лидо Known the Director for the second time got one of the most significant awards in the world cinematography, Silver lion for best Director. 73 jury of the international film festival headed by Sam Mendes praised last film by Andrei Konchalovsky’s “Paradise”.

      Yesterday, 79-year-old Director Andrei Konchalovsky received the Silver lion in Venice for best Director. The jury of the 73rd international film festival, headed by Sam Mendes shared this prize, and the second statuette went to Mexican Amat Escalante.

      Especially hard for the Director was worried his wife Julia Vysotskaya. When Konchalovsky was awarded the prestigious award, she was quick to share about this in his Instagram. “Silver lion!”, — wrote Julia. Fans of the actress and the leader congratulated all the crew of “Heaven” and wished other creative upehov. “Hurrah! And someone else will doubt your talent? Let’s watch a movie”, “I Congratulate you, Julia, Andrei Sergeyevich, and all the participants of the film! Must see”, “Proud”, “What you done, Andrew S. is the coolest Director”, — expressed his opinion the followers Vysotskaya.

      Vysotsky became a star of Instagram” after the Venice film festival

      “I would like to thank the jury, my friends and of course my wife, the actress Julia Vysotskaya, without which it were not possible to make this film,” — said Konchalovsky in Italian, when he was awarded an honorary prize.

      A new picture of Andrei Konchalovsky’s “Paradise” tells a dramatic story about people, whose lives miraculously intersect during the Second world war. The heroes of the film — a Russian immigrant and member of the French resistance movement Olga, a German helmet, a high-ranking SS officer, and a Frenchman-collaborationist Jules. In addition to Yulia Vysotskaya, who performed the role of Olga, the film also played by foreign actors — Christian Klaus and Philipp duken. It is known that “Paradise” was filmed with the participation of Russia and Germany.

      Western criticism has embraced a new work by Konchalovsky. So, in Variety praised the film and said that he is “an unexpected fusion of grace and despair.” At the same time, a columnist for the Hollywood Reporter singled out the following advantages of film as a strong cast and a terrific shot. As artistic Director of the Venice film festival Alberto Barbera, as reported by journalists, called Paradise brilliant movie.

      Recall that Konchalovsky received the award at the Venice film festival for the second time. In 2014 the jury handed to the master of the Silver lion for his film “White nights postman Alexei Trapezina”.