Умер создатель мультфильмов Эдуард Назаров The author of the cult animation “there once was a dog” has suffered from-for problems with vessels. Colleagues of the famous animator Eduard Nazarov called his departure a great loss. The Director was 74 years old.

    Умер создатель мультфильмов Эдуард Назаров

    Sad news came this day, September 11. 75-m to year of life after long illness has died known in our country and abroad animator Eduard Nazarov.

    Several generations of viewers just in love with the work of this genius Director. The most famous cartoons created with the direct participation of Eduard Nazarov – there once was a dog”, “adventures of the ant”, “Winnie the Pooh” and many others.

    It is known that Eduard Nazarov, until recently, did not cease to work actively, despite the fact that I was sick. He underwent a serious surgery, lost a leg, but this fact could not prevent his desire to do something, to create, to pass on his expertise to young apprentices.

    “Eduard continued to work at home, – have told in a press-service of the International festival “KROK”, whose President he was. – He gave advice to students and his former students via Skype, read dozens of scripts that worked in the expert Council of the National animation award “Ikar”.

    Colleagues of the Director has managed to respond to the tragic news, saying the departure of Eduard Nazarov huge loss.

    Eduard Nazarov graduated from the Stroganov school of industrial art, has worked in animation since 1959 – first as a renderer, then assistant art Director at Michael Cebanovschi, art Director at Feodor hitruka. From 1979 to 2000 he taught at the Higher courses for scriptwriters and Directors. In 1993 he organized the school-Studio of animators-Directors “Ball” together with Andrei Khrjanovsky, Fedor Khitruk, Yuri Norstein.

    In 1975, Eduard Nazarov debuted in self-directing, clearing the story “Hippo” for “Merry-go-round, then the plot of “the Princess and the cannibal”. And then there were only five original short films: “the Hunt”, “there once was a dog”, “Journey ant”, “About Sidorov Vova” and “Martynko”.

    The time and place of farewell to the master is not known. Not reported as what was the specific cause of death of famous cartoonist. According to some, the Director was suffering from diabetes. Tage with reference to the press service of the International festival “KROK” specifies that Eduard Nazarov was sick a long time, he had problems with blood vessels.