Лена Летучая готовилась к девичнику пять месяцев The TV presenter revealed the details of a recent wedding. Presenter thoroughly came to the organization of the main celebration of his life. In recognition of the star, she realized that she was ready for marriage when she was 33 years old.

      Well-known TV presenter August 20, she married her beloved Yuri Anashenkov. The wedding couple has arranged abroad on the Greek island of Santorini. Presenter got married abroad

      According to Elena, the decision that the celebration should take place only abroad, she and her now husband adopted unanimously. They both really wanted to avoid undue attention. At the wedding were invited only the relatives. And for your girlfriends Lena Flying threw a party in Moscow, inviting them to the bachelorette party.

      “Preparations for the bachelorette party started 5 months, and it all started with the invitation. I wanted it to be special, so each postcard was a picture of invited friends, ” says the star. – I imagined how they would open the envelopes and look for yourself among others. The whole evening I took photos to give to the artist. We altered these invitation 4 times, I wanted to achieve the perfect resemblance. And the goal was achieved: all my friends, as children, receiving the invitation with joy and excitement looking for himself squealed with joy! And I rejoiced every call with the screams: “it’s cool! I found myself!”

      Girlfriend decided to play the bride. And at first Lena said that at a bachelorette party no one came. Really – in a posh hotel room, which Volatile was removed for the party, nobody was there.

      “My assistant said that no one came, – continues the story the presenter. But this simply could not be, besides, I heard somewhere around the corner giggling. It turned out, each of them found a secluded corner in a huge room, and now I had to find them! I found all of you! Everything was perfect!”

      Presenter confessed that he began to think about starting a family already at a rather Mature age. Telediva understand that you are ready for marriage when she was 33 years old.

      “My parents brought me up so after school, I aim to get a higher education and become an independent – said in an interview Hello.ru Lena Flying. – I studied a lot and worked. Thoughts on family and marriage came into my head only after 33 years, and then the desire, the feminine desire to be loved, to be a wife and mother. A few years later I received an offer of marriage from the man she loved”.