Дочки Запашных выступят перед принцессой Монако Heiress trainers will take part in the festival “Idol.” For daughters of Edgard zapashnogo, Gloria and Stephanie a number on the horses will debut in their circus career. Famous trainers introduce children to the arena from the cradle.

      Дочки Запашных выступят перед принцессой Монако

      Thursday, September 8, in the Circus of Zapashny brothers opened the festival “Idol”, involving stuntmen and actors from 14 countries. As the guest of honor will be the Princess of Monaco Stephanie.

      As a member of the jury was Charlie Chaplin’s son Eugene. For daughters Zapashny event is a real event. If the successor Askold Eva and Elsa were already in the arena, for the daughters of Edgar, Gloria and Stephanie a number on the horses will debut in their circus career. In an interview with “StarHit” the trainer has already told me that introduce children to circus, from the cradle. It turned out that little in awe of dad’s work.

      Дочки Запашных выступят перед принцессой Монако “Stesha and Gloria are engaged with the leading circus artist Alexandra Blinova three times a week for the last seven months, – has shared with “StarHit” Edgard. – Sometimes through tears and “do not want”, but are trained. Regular exercise has already borne fruit. Now Stesha and Gloria, daughters of my brother Askold Eva and Elsa learn the room on horseback. The girls are sitting confidently in the saddle! This is my main prize”.

      Edgard hoped that this festival will be the first performance of Stephanie and Gloria.

      Recall that with the girls ‘ mother, a fitness coach Olga Denisova Zapashny broke up a few years ago on their own initiative. Edgard Zapashny said the reason for the break with ex-lover

      “Everything went without conflicts and tantrums, – told the “StarHit” Olga Denisova. – It was a conscious, peaceful solution. Therefore, neither I nor Edgard did out of the tragedy unfolding. Now we have nothing to share. All our minor differences are only related to the upbringing of children. For example, I believe that to develop the child in different directions, so Stesha and Gloria go to gymnastics, sing, draw, dance hip-hop. Edgard thinks it’s a lot.”

      Дочки Запашных выступят перед принцессой Монако

      Olga and Edgar managed to maintain friendly relations for the sake of the children. Zapashny with respect speaks of a former lover.

      “It was an incredible love shared with “StarHit” Zapashny. She realized that dangle on tour I life. Olya dropped everything and went with me. After some time we rented an apartment in Moscow, near the circus. It was good, but frankly, it’s my fault: before the birth Stasi began to perform incorrectly. There is no specific act, it’s a lot of reasons that led to separation. But for daughters and themselves Olya and retained friendly relations. We are mentally prepared that in the future we will have their families. My only requirement to Olin’s future husband, the man wasn’t trying to be a dad to my daughters. High, what it will be is uncle. If he’ll try to change it, I’ll break his everything.”

      Дочки Запашных выступят перед принцессой Монако

      A year ago, she met a man named Dmitri, what almost immediately said Edgar, and then introduced him to her lover. According to zapashnogo, Dmitry liked him, they talked and placed all points over “i”. Edgard sure that Olga and her new lover is so important, it is not excluded that in the near future they start a family. By the way, the heart of zapashnogo is also not free. For several years, he meets a girl named Kiev, which for some time worked as an administrator in the circus.