The father of Mel b died after a five year battle with cancer

Отец Мел Би скончался после пяти лет борьбы с раком

Former member of the very popular girl group Spice Girls Melanie brown better known as Mel b with your followers on Instagram shared the sad news on the 64-th year of life died, her father Martin brown. For five long years the man struggled with a serious disease – cancer. In the end the disease won. In another world, Mr. brown stepped into the circle of his family: both his daughters Melanie and Daniel held his hand.

“Many thanks to the doctors and nurses, who for all these years of fighting for his life,” wrote Mel b in a comment to a published photo.

Recall that Melanie for 10 years did not communicate with his parents.

Back in 2007 made a big mistake – she chose the man she loved to her parents. Due to the fact that the parents of the singer did not approve of her relationship with producer Stephen Belafonte, she broke with family contact and did not communicate with them until now.

But, something in my soul and heart Mel b has changed and finally, there was a reunion. According to Western tabloids, Melanie took a step towards reconciliation with his family, inviting mother Andrea, father Martin and sister Danielle to stay in her Los Angeles home. “She decided that life is too short to waste it on quarrels and insults,” — told friends of the singer.