Светлана Лобода рассказала, почему рассталась с Царём

Famous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, the former participant of group “Viagra”, which soon will give a big solo concert in the capital’s Crocus City Hall, spoke about why broke up with her civil husband and father of her daughter Evangeline’s Andrew King. Singer and choreographer for several years lived in perfect harmony and their parting was an unpleasant news for fans of the artist. In an interview with the Days.ru Svetlana spoke about what prompted them to separation.

Met Loboda and the King during the preparation of the presentations of Svetlana at the international music contest “Eurovision” in 2009. Then Andrew was not only a participant number but also the Director. They had strong feelings, and for several they lived in perfect harmony without worrying about the stamp in the passport. The king offered the mother of your child to marry him, but she answered him that it is not necessary to burden yourself with useless cliches, since they so well together.
“I’m older than Andrew for three years, it may be wiser so.At some point our world and the desire so strongly excited that we got hard together. I’m essentially a locomotive, always moving forward. And Andrew is more inclined to meditation, to quiet family life. Besides, he’s a bit of a complex because I was making more money were successful.
I am a fighter and believe that your happiness is worth fighting for, not to sit idly by. Especially if you want to be close with a female artist, she’ll have to meet to keep pace with it. Andrew chose a different position – he chose to go within and to engage in various practices while I worked daily to provide for his family. I was sorry to see how our family was falling apart because my mum and dad live in married for 35 years, and I always admire their relationship,” — said Svetlana.
They parted without recrimination and resentment, continue to communicate and support each other. Now soderjanie daughter resting on the shoulders of Svetlana. She still earns for himself and the other guy, but she would very much like that father took financial part in the fate of their daughter.
“Andrew helps us rare. We talked to him on the subject, but he is not, although I would have liked. Not because I need. Just, in my opinion, the financial participation in the life of the daughter implies greater responsibility and a man is simply obliged to support their children materially, including,” — said Svetlana.