Отец Меган Маркл сожалеет, что пропустил свадьбу дочери с принцем Гарри Thomas shared his emotions. The bride of Prince Harry could not attend the marriage, as has recently undergone a major surgery. He watched the ceremony online broadcast.
Отец Меган Маркл сожалеет, что пропустил свадьбу дочери с принцем Гарри

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle became husband and wife on may 19. The couple were married in St George’s chapel, located on the territory of Windsor castle. The ceremony was attended by 600 people. Meghan Markle went to the altar in Givenchy dress of double silk. Wedding dress cost $ 550 thousand. Unfortunately, the wedding was attended by only the bride’s mother Doria of Ragland. Her dad couldn’t fly in the UK because of health status.

“Unfortunately, my father was not able to attend the wedding. I always cared about your dad and hope that he would be left alone, giving the opportunity to focus on their health. I would like to thank everyone who supported us. Harry and I are waiting for our special day and I want to share it with all of you,” previously said the chosen one Harry.

According to some reports, the father of Meghan Markle had a heart attack a few days before important events. It was said that what happened to blame the brother of actress, Tom, who wrote a letter to Prince Harry shortly before the wedding. In it, he tried to persuade the representative of the Royal family not to marry his sister.

Thomas Markle has done heart surgery, after which he needed to recover. However, he was watching the wedding of Megan online. The man has shared his impressions with journalists.

“It was an amazingly beautiful ceremony. I end up my life I will regret that I was not there, and I couldn’t hold my daughter’s hand in such a crucial moment… My girl was now a Duchess! I love her so much! When you see your little girl getting married, not to recall everything connected with it, from the day she was born, from the moment when I first picked her up… She was so beautiful and looked so happy… How I wish too to be there to share her happiness!” – said Thomas.

Megan Markle always had a close relationship with her father, so she was worried that he would not take her to the altar. Instead, the mission fulfilled the daddy of the groom, Prince Charles. Behind the bride walking pages, among whom were nephews of Prince Harry, Charlotte and Philip.