Алексею Ягудину прооперировали голову Olympic champion released footage of the medical facility. Now Alexei Yagudin is recovering from surgery. Users of social networks wish the athlete a speedy recovery to return to his wife and children.
Алексею Ягудину прооперировали голову

38-year-old Alexei Yagudin alarmed subscribers footage, in which he is depicted in the hospital. Recently, the skater had to go to the doctors. As a result, the athlete had surgery on his head.

Close Alexey wish him to get to go on the mend and looking forward to when sports star get home. Particularly strong skater missing children – adorable Elizabeth and Michelle. Heir Alexei passed him greetings via Tatiana Totmjanina. Instagram men there is a touching footage of his youngest daughter, Michelle asks: “Mom, where’s dad?” Yagudin explained what is “maintenance”.

“Where’s dad? And he on another. The mileage is already great, and ahead of a lot of things! To be cut? Good health to all!” – shared skater in the microblog.

Users of social networks Yagudin wished a speedy recovery and bombarded with questions about what happened. “What a mess”, “take care of yourself”, “You’ll be all right! Your daughter is very miss you. Success and all the best. Back home, there you are family”, “What year? Many sea health problems”, “Dad, don’t get sick,” – commented on the Internet.

Note that the wife of Alexei Yagudin, Tatiana Totmyanina also made fans a little worried. In the New year’s eve, the skater received a heavy trauma after falling during one of the rentals of the project of Ilya Averbukh. “Refers to the situation philosophically. A broken leg is not a reason to be upset and need a break. I want to apologize to our team and dear audience for the circumstances. Live on. Soon I’ll be with you!” – Totmianina wrote on Instagram.

The injury did not prevent Tatiana to enjoy life. The athlete has a rest with friends in Thailand and continued to slowly train as far as she is allowed doctors and health. The Olympic champion also had to undergo several medical interventions and rehabilitation. Relatives and beloved husband supported her in this difficult period. After a couple of months Totmyanina was able to stand on skates. Tatiana has performed the role of Juliet together with her partner Maxim Marinin. “Thank you, God! I’m back on skates,” shared a woman in social networks. Fans of Totmjanina was delighted with her courage and wished them further success.