Отец Юлии Барановской проводил своих внуков в школу

From Yulia Baranovskaya, a former civil wife of Andrei Arshavin and the mother of his three children, a very difficult relationship with the player, but it turned out that his betrayal is not the first time in a woman’s life. At the age of ten she was left without a father Gennady, who left two daughters in the care of his wife and left.

Отец Юлии Барановской проводил своих внуков в школу

The Father Of Julia Gennady

Julia rarely saw my dad, he wasn’t willing to come. Oddly enough, the first step in improving relations between grandchildren and grandfather did.. the former wife of Gennady, mother of Julia. This was reported by his second wife, Svetlana.

Children of Julia and Andrey Arshavin

“In the evening my husband called Tatiana and asked to escort children to school on September 1. I thought it was strange, especially since this was asked Julia. I was very worried, because he hasn’t seen the grandchildren for eight years, and Julia could hurt them, to make another PR stunt. It is because we have a very difficult person” — said Svetlana.
But there were no scandals and public relations. The next day Gennady came home.
Probably, Julia found the strength to forgive my father, how to forgive and his former civil husband Andrey Arshavin. Recall that last September 1, he led the bride to the altar, and on the second day it became known that his new wife Alice will soon give him a child. With his children, the athlete had not seen for almost three years.