Елена Кулецкая перестала скрывать лицо дочери Famous model first showed looks like a girl. The new photo shows that the heiress like her star mom. Elena Kuletskaya often shared with followers in social networks helpful tips and heartwarming images.

      Elena Kuletskaya first became a mother in mid-may. The daughter of a famous model already four months. For her age she is growing quite a strong girl. Fans of the stars do not get tired to admire the new photos on her page in Instagram.

      A pleasant surprise for followers kuletskoy became her new picture. “Sleepy start to the week. Decided with S. that today will not go”, – signed his star.

      In the frame of Elena posing with the baby Nike, the face of which is not hidden from the public eye as before. The girl yawns, it’s because the yard morning and she apparently just woke up. However, even with this perspective, the groupies Elena could see the baby has similar to the mother facial features.

      “You’re done! Not afraid to fall for a time of secular parties, were not afraid of a chest that she can lose. I think in star circle of moms a little respect”, “God, you two are cute”, “What a nice girl. Like you,” wrote the model groupies.

      By the way, maternity leave at kuletskoy is in a very quite mode. Elena can afford to relax and enjoy every minute in the company of her daughter. She has the ability to choose when to agree to any business projects, and when not. Moreover, the star helps the husband Stanislav.

      “Dad! The roles were distributed by default. Mother is a care, AGU, bye, diapers, night. Dad in charge of finances, equips future nest (repair not far off), flying around the apartment trains the Nickname of the astronaut, and the most important role – acts as the attendant in the evenings. A simple soak in the bath is not limited. Splashing, swimming, diving and the flood. Get out so that after nick cuts off at times” – shared Kuletskaya with his fans on the social network.

      Elena’s husband kuletskoy to nurse the baby

      I wonder what nick is growing by leaps and bounds. In four months she demonstrates high levels of growth and weight for his age. It turns out that the big girl was born.

      “Our baby turned out great, but the doctor did everything to give us to appear on their own. Clearly explained how to proceed. I really wanted no cuts. The result – even without breaks, not counting the severed hands from my persistent husband Stanislav Romanovsky, who cheered me on as I could,” said the model after giving birth.