Возлюбленная Егора Крида оголилась в его новом клипе 22-year-old girl appeared in a racy manner. Wiki Odintsov and Egor Krid met on the set of the clip in the beginning of summer. After joint work between young people broke a whirlwind romance. My beloved has managed to go together on holiday in Greece.

Singer Yegor Krid has released a music video “I like”. In a new video of the artist made by the operator out of the USA Joseph, Labisi, starred 22-year-old model from St. Petersburg Viktoriya Odintsova. Spectacular girl appeared in the video completely naked. Her character is involved in a bed scene with the singer, and the viewer can see the sexy shape of Victoria.

“We worked very hard, and I can safely say that this is the most awesome and pretty my video!”, – said Egor Krid on the day of release of new products. The work on video were from the beginning of the summer. Odintsov and creed got so into each other that their stage novel gradually developed into real feelings. In June, the singer has already left with a girl on vacation in Greece.

Creed was under the impression after personally watched the resulting video. “Vicky, you’re very sexy and beautiful in the clip. Thank you for your persistence and your professionalism. I know how to change your life and career after the release of the video. I know how much will be positive or negative in your direction, but I know you will do it!”, – wrote in his microblog artist.

Возлюбленная Егора Крида оголилась в его новом клипе

By the way, creed knew in advance, what choice he will do. “I’m always impressed by girls who are not sitting idle, who have a dream, a goal, and they to her. A man should provide for his family. But I would not like to the question: “what does your soul mate?” reply that she goes to restaurants and beauty salons. So a kept – not for me. You mess with that which I will be proud,” said singer. Probably Victoria meets all the requirements of Yegor.

Steam does not advertise their relationship. Visit girls in social networks-placed shots from her portfolio, and the creed pleases fans with shots of the tour.